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Framing the Debate on Libertarian Values

I am guessing the response to my tweet will be crickets, so let this post serve as the meat of my argument for those who want to know.

UPDATE::: this is where the update goes when I do get a response LOL!

We know we are right about the fundamental need for progressives, liberals, and libertarians to unite. We all know that a hypocrite of any color can’t be trusted. Consider a Democrat like Hillary Clinton. Her sometimes aggressive tone in foreign affairs leads to violence, the fundamental hypocrisy being that she feels we can be aggressors, while other countries such as Russia must be weak and obedient to our desires. Then consider a republican like Rand Paul, his hypocrisy could be the fact that he is in the Republican party. The Republican party has never followed through on their occasional libertarian leaning statements. Then you got Chris Christie, this guy is just a big fat lying ahole. Just as bad are the rich independents like Michael Bloomberg, or even Eliot Cutler. Eliot, do you really think Maine can handle another 4 years of LePage, just so you can have a platform in this race? As GWB stammered…”Fool me once…can’t git fooled again.”

The thing we all despise is the lies, the hypocrisy, and all kinds of oppression. What we struggle with is how to convince the politicians, the pundits and other media hot shots to stop putting each other down long enough to attend to the obvious hellish wrongdoings of this police state. At least give people credit for the issues that you agree with them on and then hold them accountable to at least try make it happen when they are elected.

As a consumer of political media through the internet, my tastes are refined from years of listening to great talkers like Sam Seder, Russ Belville, Pat Lamarche, Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, etc. I even listen to freaks like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh when I drive on the terrestrial….and I even listened to the hilariously crazy Alex Jones a few times just to get a taste of the madness and learn more about male vitality pills and food that lasts for decades. Just listening to my stories, and by the grey in my beard I have seen the gridlock and failure as evidence that we not moving forward. The powers that be have succeeded in dividing and conquering. These media types are fueled by hatred. They are ever more skilled at keeping a flame to the fire of political bickering. Think about this. With almost every news event, even natural disasters for crying out loud, the story immediately comes out with two realities and a fresh round of barbs to throw at the opposition. In the frenzy of insults we forget to attend to the very simple changes that WE ALL AGREE UPON. While the Fox news pundits may say things that are utterly retarded, mean, and sometimes racist, the Democratic schill pundits often bemoan libertarians as “crazy freedom lovers…they are to to blame for the existence of our predatory economic system”. In the next breath they may even go on to say how outraged they are by NSA spying, Marijuana Prohibition, and the growing militarized Police State. Then comes a thinly veiled insult to stoners for only caring about weed legalization. I guess these schills would have us believe that somehow legalization is attached to a cut in welfare or tax cut for the rich, when in fact these issues would obviously be dealt with separately. The only thing legalization does is let more people take part in the economy to start legitimate businesses, bring in tax revenue, and best of all we can innocent people free and no longer harass people for weed…there are even more side benefits, such as the drop in violent crime we have seen Colorado. I could go on

With that said, how do we frame the debate? There are clearly 2 directions that reasonable progressive people can take in order promote change, and win elections with regard to libertarians:

1. The typical Democrat schill: Malign all Libertarian ideals and people without making the important distinction between civil liberties that we all agree on and so-called “economic libertarianism”, that is more a fiction of Aynn Rand. This is the direction that Sam Seder takes most of the time.
2. The direction that I recommend, “hypocrisy busting”: Embrace libertarian ideals and people, while making clear the distinction between libertarians who are primarily motivated by civil liberties like ending marijuana prohibition. Call out the specific republican libertarians that you despise, as hypocrites, or “not really a libertarian”. This is the direction that Sam Seder takes, but only when backed into a corner.

As an example of Sam Seder getting backed into a corner, consider that time I called and took him to task for not giving Ron Paul any credit for his stance on marijuana:

As you hear in the video of my call to Sammy, in the end, he resorts to a twisted argument about the fact that States rights is such a dangerous horrible thing and all the states will make weed illegal, and thats what Ron Paul wants….um, ok, dude, whatever. Maybe Sammy would be better served by stating that Ron Paul’s campaign manager, Mike Heath, went on to lead the failing effort in Maine against gay marriage. I would have said, hell yeah, that guy is a hypocrite on gay marriage. No freedom for the gays. So why not bust them on the real hypocrisy. If a libertarian passes the test on hypocrisy, then why not give them some props?

It’s not as simple as libertarian: bad or good. It’s about the way you approach people with different points of view, and with this police state, you will not see an end to Libertarian values. The evidence is right in front of us all. We are spinning out of control into massive government spending on war and profiteering, all at the expense of the most vulnerable, and on the backs of the hard working good people of this country.

Sam Seder, my Jewish friend, consider that you can embrace Jewish values without supporting the bombing of schools and the horrible conditions that Israel perpetuates in Gaza. I’d suppose the most militant Israelis also consider themselves the most Jewish, but do they represent Jewish values? Is there really something in the Jewish Bible that supports what they are doing in Gaza or have they perverted the religion? You can also embrace Libertarian values without supporting the twisted Aynn Rand based fictional economic plans that Republicans roll out under the guise of free markets and libertarian ideals. We live in a world where everyone is fractured, and it seems like the powers that be tend to drive the faction that they control towards the extremes in reaction to the other factions. You can observe a divide between Libertarians and Jews that in some ways is a reflection of itself, and in both cases the stereo-type applied from one to the other is controlled by the meanest and loudest voices. Libertarian outrage over the conflict in Gaza and the US support of this horror show is real. Zionist reaction to ANYONE who opposes their use of force is also very real. Redneck racist libertarians who are drawn to the gun issue, with anti-semitic impulses are also a real thing. So what to we do, condemn all Jews and Libertarians, or should we try to salvage the goodness, nourish what good is there, and trim away the bullcrap hypocrisy that always seems to fester up in circles of power.

Another famous call I made to Sammy, ended with Sammy telling me to do my homework…you see I had found this facebook page called “progressive libertarianism” and they use a quote from nobel prize winning economist Hayek, which put Sammy in a tizzy. Hopefully, you can read this, and understand that my homework on libertarian values is now done.



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For Christ sake you can’t even spell “SERF” right?

Sammy really shit the bed on this one. While I appreciate the air time, Sammy’s reviews are sometimes way worse than Chris Rosen’s movie reviews. Gotta say, the Screamer’s are great, and I’m glad Sammy enjoys their stuff, but why play this juvenile game….I know in my heart that Serf City is an all time classic.

I didn’t tag this with the comedy category because I thought Sammy was funny. It is because it is funny to laugh at his unappreciative attitude. What an MASSHOLE!!

Jimmy Reefercake & Screaming Majority’s Songs and the Scoop on Cenk’s Departure from MSNBC

I would have liked to hear Sammy elaborate more on the lyrics of police state…but he had a big day, here is his interview with Cenk from the Young Turks.

We got to thank Cenk for bringing us the proof on the story that most of the readers here already know – MSNBC is a whorehouse for the democrat establishment.

Reefer Madness

This is the song…damn I was sweating this morning putting that lead on!! …yeah, it sounds pretty darn good, thanks for the good review from Sam Seder “get your dick HAAAAHHD” at I need to listen to the whole show tonight, you all go and get yourself the podcast, ya hear!! … the post show sammy talks about the latest in pot stories, namely it sounds like this bitch is heading to court. the PEOPLE”S COURT!!!

Totally insane, totally free download, right here!


Jackass in Texas

GOOOOOOOAL!!!! Another win for team REEFERCAKE or is it MAJORITYCAKE either way, I gotta say, the song friggin’ rocks. Look at the comments and have a listen to the show at

Here is the totally free totally insane MP3 download
jackass in texas

side bar- maybe the next poll could be whether to change my name to Jimmy Majoritycake, just plain Jimmy Majority, or should I stay with the good old fashioned and reliable Jimmy Reefercake.

Fireworks and beer anyone? USA! USA! USA!

Twitter Your Weiner

Come on boys and girls, “Twitter Your Weiner” its the latest new craze. All the kids are way into it and there is a far out dance that goes along with it. The boys do the dance, pulsate the groin while simulating taking a picture of your crotch. Do the dance! But don’t take off the clothes. We at all the hypocrisy dot com wouldn’t promote such behavior. Keep that one eyed monster in the sweatpants! Here is the free MP3 download of the song!
Twitter your Weiner (1)

Would I have ruthlessly mocked Anthony Weiner for twittering his wiener, regardless of the lack of balls for his stance on Marijuana? Probably. I still don’t think he should be forced to resign. However, he should be forced to twitter a picture of himself to us all in diapers as a tribute to Dave Vitter.

Double Shot Friday at “Medicare Can” and “Penis in His Pants”

It was a banner week, showcasing 2, thats right, TWO, new songs of the week on and here is the permalink to the show so you can hear the high praise from Sammy crew and listeners. Hell, make that a triple shot because the Majority Screamers chipped in with another hilarious and catchy diddy. You can listen to the show, its good stuff.

And so as not to be outdone by the business insider, or I should say courtesy of the business insider, here is a link to the picture of the weiner in question. Is that a dick in those sweatpants or are you just happy to see me? Anthony Weiner that bulge in your pants is riDICKulous!

And as always, here are the totally free totally insane mp3s for you listening please.

medicare can

Penis in his pants-mono