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Virgil Goode: Totally Insane

totally-insane-04 click here to listen or right click to download song

Take a deep breath everyone. The crazies are back, but I am going to be cautiously optimistic, that they won't be quite as crazy as the last round, in the golden era of war mongering. I'm looking forward to a level of hypocrisy that has a touch less insanity.

I'm looking forward to an era, where they still say crazy things, but perhaps act more rationally? Remember – CRAZY republicans loose, except Paul LePage in Maine, but the guy was homeless as a teen, so it doesn't count, give him a chance, in other news, BLUE DOG Dems Lose

Oh well, here is something positive – Sam Seder is back on the air at

Also, a friend of mine asked me to write a song for Sammy, based on an all time classic republican asshole and hypocrite, Virgil Goode. Don't say it like good, it is pronounced more like goo…or poo.

Reminding me again that Gollum does vote republican.

This guy, hereyah, is one piece of work. In a 4 day marathon hereyah. Say Hereyah! Say Chowdah!! Glad to say Virgil is no longer hereyah in the US House of Representatives.

Here's the short version of the song-

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The Mendacity of Hope for the End of Trickle Down Economics

Summary of my reaction to the Democrat's actions over the last 18 months: OK. OK. Oh no. Shit. Goddammit. Now that they are lame ducks can they do one thing right and put an end to trickle down economics?

Folks, we all know how disappointing the last two years have been. Shameless theft of this title is from a brilliant but thoroughly depressing summary of our country's political reality. You should definitely Click to see a preview of this book But that only makes this site more important, as our founder has recently pointed out. So, let's follow along with what should be easy for the lame ducks to get right: bring back the personal income tax rate to the wealthiest among us to where it was under Clinton.

You know the chatter…NPR said ALL the Bush tax cuts will most certainly be extended at least for a year or two. Fox said the same, Newsweek said the same… I especially liked to hear our Maine Senators put away their 'Rino' tusks for a moment to conflate small business tax cuts (which everyone is in favor of) with maintaining the historically low tax rate for the wealthiest among us. So they will hold hostage making all the other cuts permanent for the wealthiest 2%?

Why?, we ask. Well, I'm not thinking this is a rich folk country club taking care of their own type of thing. And previous posts have brilliantly shown the history of the upper bracket rate, the amount of money at stake and the impact on balancing the budget. Oh wait, that's it! The old 'end around' to bankrupt the treasury so we'll have to roll back the New Deal because 'we can't afford it'. This is popular among our Teabagger friends. Has anyone heard where, exactly, they want the Federal Government to shrink? Defense? Hell no. This is the old 'two Santas' approach that Thom Hartmann likes to point out…you can have everything you want, and an amped up military to make you feel safe and secure, but you never have to pay for it!

“Am I Demon?”

Here is a straightforward explanation of Deem and Pass, a common way of making the stinky sausages of legislation that make their way through congress. Also, a discussion of the typical hypocrisy that is implemented in the demonization of what our republican asshole friends and the corporate media refer to as “demon pass”. Yes, they acutally plan on inviting Danzig in for a special emergency session. He will sacrifice a pig and run through the halls of congress wearing its mutilated skin as a rain coat. Then on to the formation of the dreaded death panels.

“Am I Demon?” No, without the scary made up name, the process of deem and pass, is just business as usual. We have witnessed the invention of a new term, this “demon pass”, to replace the current terms of “self-executing rule” or “deemed as passed”. Really? My good Republican asshole friends, you may be wiser to take just your loss and shut the hell up.

The Nuclear Hypocrilypse

Of course the douchebag pundits from Hannity on Fox to Lawrence O’Donnel on MSNBC have been claiming for the last year that reconcilation couldn’t be used to pass the health care bill. Here is a sensible article on the perfectly legitimate use of the procedure and the usual antics from the lying hypocrites on the Republican side.

Furthermore, the douchebag lying assholes on Fake News, never dissapoint…

When Jesus spoke of the “yeast of the Pharisees” he was talking about Fake News, they are the yeast, that spreads the filthy mold of ignorance and dishonesty, so putrid that it even invades the hearts and minds of simple hard working working folks, turning them into a filthy pile of American ignorance.


This is another pitch for an all Al TV channel:

Anyone who followed Congress under Republican control until 2007 was absolutely puking in their hat when McCain started spouting his righteous indignation. Anyone who watches a little CSPAN every once in a while knows that people get cut off all the time. But the worst and most egregious hypocrisy of the predictable Republican outrage is how they bent and twisted Congressional rules in meaningful and despicable ways when they were in power. I’m not talking about cutting of a minute of bloviating, I’m talking about literally eliminating the committee’s legislative process alltogether on some critical bills. Bypassing committee amendments, votes and debates. Right to the floor! This is what ‘shutting the democrats out of the process’ meant to the Republicans. If the Democrats had the same balls (and disrespect for the Constitution, hatred of democracy, anti-American sentiment, etc) then we wouldn’t even be talking about meaningless amendments to healthcare relating to illegal immigrants, abortion, etc that score political points for the opposition but don’t really provide substantial changes to the legislation.

Process is important, and the Republicans have written the book on gaming the system. I’d recommend John Dean’s “Broken Government” if you want more detail on the tactics they employed…here’s a review that I think is pretty accurate:

In his latest anti-Republican polemic, ex-Nixon White House counsel and Watergate whistle-blower Dean (Conservatives Without Conscience) moves from policy to process, how necessary government functions are corrupted and hobbled by Republican politicians and their ethos of authoritarianism, secrecy, partisanship and dogmatic contempt for the public sphere.

It’s a long indictment. The last Republican Congress, Dean contends, rubber-stamped Bush’s policies, shut Democrats out of the legislative process, neglected pressing issues and made a shambles of government finances. Meanwhile, the Bush administration–the worst presidency ever–has sought to replace constitutional checks and balances with a unitary executive that brooks no congressional interference and undermines civil rights. All of this is enabled by the swelling ranks of fundamentalists on the federal bench and Supreme Court (some of whom, he insists, committed perjury to get confirmed).

For this, McCain gets my nomination for “Hypocrite of the Week”

Bernin’ up the floor

Maybe relative to the Clinton’s attempt, we can praise this current round of healthcare ‘reform’ as a step in the right direction. I will not be one of those people. What happened today was classic Republican gaming of the system to avoid a vote on the proposal that makes the most sense, allowing people to buy into Medicare if they want to.

Tonight I give you Bernie ‘the mad socialist’ Sanders:

“The day will come, although I recognize it’s not today, when the U.S. Congress will have to vote to stand up to … all those who profit every single year off of human sickness,” Sanders said. “That day will come.”

Some day, Bernie, but for now rest assured that if you don’t support making a profit off of literally everything, especially human suffering, you are not an American but a wild haired Russia loving socialist. This clip is some classic Bernie.


My reaction to the Wednesday night speech was one of frustration and anger. Can’t the public see through Joe Wilson and these republican bullshit artists? They are indifferent on this issue. They are just grasping for any momentum they can find. When did George Bush and the Republican majority in Congress ever fight for universal healthcare? Now suddenly an affordable, universal system is their big priority. And the contrived Republican response after the speech brought me back to Bill Frist’s expert analysis of the Terri Schiavo video. And is ABC News just a front for Boehner and McConnell’s personal paparazzi? Funny how those camera angles work…for a while I thought the Democrats were in the minority. Fuck ’em! I was ready for Obama to display some Superfly Snuka action from the top of the podium. Time to take the tag from Teddy, get in the ring, and go for the takedown.

Oratory Glory

I believe speeches can be significant. I think Obama’s speech on Wednesday’s might be one of those important moments. Or it may be more wasting of our time, more triangulation, more disappointment, more sucking up to the monied interest that currently dominate our government. My now seemingly naive hope when we elected Obama on the strength of millions of $20 donations, was that he would be able turn our corprate-ocracy back into a Constitutional democracy.

Fans of Thom Hartmann know I’m snatching this from Thursday’s show, but the similarities are too profound and I had to post this here. The following quotes are from a speech by FDR just before the ’36 election, after his first four years in office. This first clip talks about Republican attempts to undermine support for the just recently established Social Security program:

Here is an amazing paradox! The very employers and politicians and publishers who talk most loudly of class antagonism and the destruction of the American system now undermine that system by this attempt to coerce the votes of the wage earners of this country. It is the 1936 version of the old threat to close down the factory or the office if a particular candidate does not win. It is an old strategy of tyrants to delude their victims into fighting their battles for them.

Every message in a pay envelope, even if it is the truth, is a command to vote according to the will of the employer. But this propaganda is worse—it is deceit.

They tell the worker his wage will be reduced by a contribution to some vague form of old-age insurance. They carefully conceal from him the fact that for every dollar of premium he pays for that insurance, the employer pays another dollar. That omission is deceit.

They carefully conceal from him the fact that under the federal law, he receives another insurance policy to help him if he loses his job, and that the premium of that policy is paid 100 percent by the employer and not one cent by the worker. They do not tell him that the insurance policy that is bought for him is far more favorable to him than any policy that any private insurance company could afford to issue. That omission is deceit.

They imply to him that he pays all the cost of both forms of insurance. They carefully conceal from him the fact that for every dollar put up by him his employer puts up three dollars three for one. And that omission is deceit.

But they are guilty of more than deceit. When they imply that the reserves thus created against both these policies will be stolen by some future Congress, diverted to some wholly foreign purpose, they attack the integrity and honor of American Government itself. Those who suggest that, are already aliens to the spirit of American democracy. Let them emigrate and try their lot under some foreign flag in which they have more confidence.

See any similarities? How many victims of the current ‘Wealthcare’ health ‘scamsurance’ system have been deluded into railing against a national insurance system? Only now, it is ‘understood’ that the American government is incompetent and incapable of doing ‘anything’. To those ‘nine word’ Reagan disciples I suggest they ’emigrate and try their lot’ somewhere else.

This next quote refers to the Republican administrations that came before his first term in ’32, that brought about the Great Depression:

For twelve years this Nation was afflicted with hear-nothing, see-nothing, do-nothing Government. The Nation looked to Government but the Government looked away. Nine mocking years with the golden calf and three long years of the scourge! Nine crazy years at the ticker and three long years in the breadlines! Nine mad years of mirage and three long years of despair! Powerful influences strive today to restore that kind of government with its doctrine that that Government is best which is most indifferent.

For nearly four years you have had an Administration which instead of twirling its thumbs has rolled up its sleeves. We will keep our sleeves rolled up.

We had to struggle with the old enemies of peace—business and financial monopoly, speculation, reckless banking, class antagonism, sectionalism, war profiteering.

They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

Sound familiar? I would love to hear the right wing punditocracy howl if Obama could ever remind us how we arrived at this economic state as forcefully as FDR did.

Click this link to hear the audio and read the transcript. I can’t get enough FDR audio. I hope I hear a little FDR on Wednesday.

Post Script – This article from Harpers Barack Hoover Obama is brilliant…thanks Uila for linking to it, it is so pertinent to this post and has great insights into the Hoover administration. It probably deserves its own post, but the bottom line from this piece is that Obama needs to recognize the extreme situation the nation is in and he needs to grow the sack to take radical action, or become the left’s Hoover.

What in the name of God is wrong with these people?

If you haven’t already seen this, really absorb it….but it is just the prelude…Phase 1 of the brainwashing strategy – “Obama is not one of us.”

Moving on to Phase 2 of the brainwashing strategy – “Lie about what Obama is trying to do, in a truly frightening way.”

‘The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.’

Talk about downright evil. Sara Palin is beyond the pale. She is a walking talking sack of shit and is leading the way promoting pure bullshit. Taking advantage of people who are already so brainwashed and stupid that they would believe this crap. These idiots are so obsessed with demonizing Obama, that a 28 percent of these senile dingbats believe that Obama is not a citizen.

And finally Phase 3 – “When someone tries to correct the lies, do not listen to what they have to say and shout so they can’t even be heard.”

Insert here some notorius videos of jackass jerks at town hall meetings on Healthcare….I’ll leave that to the comments, as I need to get to work, but I needed a quick venting and the summertime ATH needed a little something.