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Cleveland Steamer

From my reefer fueled brain up in Maine, this one goes to the heartland of America…in Brooklyn motherfucker!!
Cleveland Steamer

I’m drinking booze staying up late listening to the Majority Report of course!
Listen to the boos Ted Cruz cuz you loser you refused to endorse!

The Roto virus has them all crapping and puking in the garbage pail,
But the Benghazi story keeps on Rockin, they wanna put Hillary in jail,

It’s not enough to call Hillary a bitch
in league with Lucifer, is she ……..a witch?

it’s a Cleveland steamer!

A platform of endless war and gay conversion is not what we need,
These god damn hypocrite sickos don’t even support medical weed,

It’s a good old-fashioned witchhunt.
I hear that Chachi guy even called her a ……….a cunt?

it’s a Cleveland steamer!

O Teddy Cruz

A bit of a backlog here, but I wanted to let the new author’s essay stay on top for a bit…see below.. OH SNAP!!

O Teddy Cruz
O Teddy Cruz
His birth in Calgary!

Now in the USA, he seeks to take command
With Iowa won his stock will riSE,

A Harvard twit is he.
From far and wide,

O Teddy Cruz, the Cuban Huckabee!
Duck Dynasty is a devotee!

He won Iowa and he is the Cuban Huckabee!
O Teddy Cruz, all the hypocrisy!

OH SNAP! Countering Conservative Hypocrisy about the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

On September 26, 2013, the conservative dominate U.S. Congress passed a Farm Bill which cuts $40 Billion from SNAP over the next 10 years.

The Conservative Principle/Rationale behind these cuts are:
-Reduce debt/deficit

-Reduce Laziness and Government Dependency

-Promote employment

-Eliminate Fraud, Waste, Abuse in Government

Before we examine the current status of SNAP, let’s review is historic purpose and key legislative alterations.

First implemented in 1939, the Food Stamp Program (FSP) was not originally designed to feed the poor. It was instead intended to save our agricultural sector from an impending economic collapse created by huge surpluses of perishable food supply. By purchasing these surpluses and distributing them to the poor, the U.S. government injected demand, rescued this fundamental pillar of our economy, and generated substantial economic stimulus. A secondary outcome just happened to be that poor people could eat.

For decades, the FSP remained relatively stable, covering about 4 million people. Then, in the 1970s, under Presidents Nixon and Ford,  the FSP expanded dramatically via increased rural distribution and eligibility.
-P.L. 91-671 National Eligibility and Work Requirement Standards
-P.L. 93-86 Required States to Expand Services to all Jurisdictions
-P.L. 93-347 Authorized USDA to pay 50% of State Costs

This surge in recipients triggered a backlash in outrage over waste, fraud, and abuse. Subsequently, the Carter Administration passed The Food Stamp Act of 1977, which brought massive savings in reforms by the following mechanisms:
– Established Statutory Income Eligibility Guidelines at the Poverty Level
– Penalized Households whose Heads Voluntarily Quit Jobs
– Restricted Eligibility for Students and Aliens
– Qualifying Stores Must Sell a Substantial Proportion of Staple Foods
– Right to Submit Applications on Day1 – and 30 day Processing Standard

Despite these reforms resulting in an extremely efficient cost per recipient, the overall expansion of FSP into new jurisdictions (primarily central U.S. rural areas) increased the total recipients by 1.5 million, thus increasing the total cost of the program.

To further contain costs (the program was now ~10 billion/yr), President Reagan enacted the following additional reforms:
– Annual rather than Semi-Annual benefit adjustments
– Counted income contributions from non-elderly siblings and parents
– Counted retirement accounts as income
– Increased penalties for those voluntarily leaving the labor force
– Gave states option that beneficiaries prove active job searching

Under these reforms, the number of recipients certainly decreased, but it turns out these were  children and seniors who were now going hungry. This prompted Reagan to re-expand services to children and the elderly, while pairing this with even more severe penalties for non-working adults.

The other reform enacted under Reagan was a transition from paper stamps to EBT. That’s right. Reagan was the one who first allowed poor people to have dignity while using the FSP. But this was not the reason why he transitioned to EBT.

The old paper stamp system was impossible to regulate. Stamps could be sold or traded or used by people who were not the intended recipients. There was also no way of carrying over monthly balances not used by paper stamps (even though the government had already paid the full cost of the stamp). The EBT solved both of these major waste/fraud/abuse issues.

Under President Clinton’s first term, FNP was expanded to cover more children, particularly those from single parents not receiving child support. In his second term, however, Clinton passed one of the largest restrictions on FNP benefits in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act of 1996. Key components of this bill include:
– Eliminated the vast majority of LEGAL immigrants from eligibility
– Placed 3 month cap on services for unemployed able-bodied adults
– Reduced maximum benefits, and froze minimum benefits
– Enhanced means-testing provisions
– Shifted funding away from food and into employment/training
– Disqualified people with arrest record or drug possession record

Very shortly after this Clinton legislation, however, President Bush and the republican congress passed the Food Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, which made the following key changes to what became referred to as SNAP.
– Reduced payment inaccuracies by improving quality control
– Reduced funding for those employment and training programs
– Expanded LEGAL immigrant eligibility (kids, disabled, 5+ years in U.S)

The overall impact of these collective reforms was the leanest and most cost efficient program in the Federal Government, with 95% payment accuracy and appropriate utilization. At the same time, however, primarily because of increasing income inequality and expansion to legal immigrants, the number of recipients dramatically increased from 17.2 million in 2000, to 29 million by 2008.

Then the economic collapse of 2007-2008 happened.

Enrollment exploded from 29 million to 46 million as waves of Americans suddenly found themselves in abject poverty and in desperate need of a safety net. To keep these people from dying of starvation, SNAP increased in cost from 37 billion/yr in 2008 to 78 billion/yr in 2012. In other words, about the same amount of money that one company, Apple Inc., does not pay in taxes every year.

In response to this cost explosion, President Obama passed further cost containment measures. Chief among these were…

– Reduce admin overhead by monthly payments instead of higher frequency payments

– Disqualifications for recipients caught selling food or using EBT for cash

– Increasing penalties for retailer violations

And that brings us to today. We have ~46 million people using a program with an annual cost around $78 billion. SNAP is objectively one of most efficient per person utilization programs with the least amount of waste/fraud/abuse of virtually any government program. Since it’s inception in 1939, the expansion of recipients can best be attributed to two key mechanisms: 1) Expansion of benefits and qualifications under Republican Presidents, and 2) Increased poverty (thus more people qualifying under fixed terms) during Democratic President’s early office.

This historic review already reveals three major hypocrisies within conservatives. The first hypocrisy is that these supposedly fiscally conservative republicans were actually more instrumental in expanding benefits and qualifications, thus increasing the cost of the program and government spending. The second is that antithetical to what conservative would have you believe, SNAP actually has the least amount of waste/fraud/abuse of any major government social safety net program. The third is that while conservative argue that the EBT should be repealed because it allows recipients to have dignity, Ronald Reagan was actually the President who started the EBT program, because it was and continues to be an essential mechanism in minimizing waste/fraud/abuse.

In regard to the other Republican hypocrisies, first let’s delve into the hypocrisy that SNAP must be cut in order to incentivize employment and reduce laziness and dependency. First of all, I’ve already shown that FSP/SNAP has been reformed to only allow 3 months of benefits for non-working able bodied adults, states are already allowed to require proof of active job searching, and recipients can already be disqualified for arrest or drug possession records.

But these adults only represent a small minority of potential SNAP recipients. The vast majority of recipients aren’t even employable adults. The largest three groups of SNAP recipients are children 44%, disabled 12%, and retired seniors on fixed income 11%. Cutting SNAP for these people does nothing to incentivize work, it merely hurts people with no other means of meeting their most basic needs.

The last major area of hypocrisy (there are many more, but I’m trying to keep this blog post manageable in size) relates to the issue of the debt and the deficit.

On its surface, SNAP appears to be a large government expense contributing to the annual deficit and cumulative debt, but this analysis falls short of understanding the downstream economic impact of people using these benefits. Governmental (CBO, USDA) and non-governmental economic analyses alike are in virtually unanimous agreement that SNAP and unemployment benefits actually result in $1.30 – $1.89 in economic activity and value for every dollar spent. In other words, we not only recoop our expenditure but make an additional $0.30 – 0.89 on the dollar. (Primary data from USDA study and Moody study by Mark Zandi).  It is also well known that (at a population level) SNAP and unemployment benefits actually shorten the time that people are unemployed or in poverty. Of course there will always be individual cases of people using their $129/month in SNAP benefits to stay unemployed and in abject poverty, but the reality is that these people are a rare exception to the rule, and actually tell the exact opposite story from what the program does for our overall population.

Lastly, it is not only hypocritical for conservatives to argue that we should cut SNAP benefits to reduce our deficit (when SNAP is actually instrumental at stimulating economic growth) but it is also disingenuous when there are so many other less economically beneficial / survival-necessary programs to cut. And this is just on the spending side of debt and deficit. There is little to no talk about the revenue side, despite us having the least amount of government revenue in decades. To illustrate just how important the revenue side of this equation is, if just one company, Apple Inc., was required to pay its taxes instead of offshoring or finding loopholes, we would have more than enough revenue to pay for SNAP at it’s current $78 billion/yr cost. (But BTW, should we take actions towards reducing poverty, the cost of the SNAP would decrease because people with a living income would no longer qualify).

And that is the final and most disingenuous point. Rather than cutting SNAP funding, conservative could be focusing their efforts in creating jobs with a living wage (public and private), since this would not only be a boom for our economy, it would also reduce the needed funding for SNAP by lifting people out of poverty. This is the correct approach to shrinking the SNAP program – not by cutting services for elderly, disabled, and children, but by actually lifting people out of poverty so that they no longer qualify for the program.


Primum Non Nocere

Hypocratic Oath

ATH Podcast 11-13-15: Ohio Disaster, La Republican, New Temp Tales, and TPP TP

The most action in any 20 minute podcast on earth. We first talk about the failed effort to legalize reefer in Ohio, featuring part of the Captain Marblehead version of “Smoke a Bowl”. Will Cliff Schecter come on the show for 10 minutes to discuss? Next, the La republican song, one of our many majority report tributes. Then we role into the purest Maine comedy sensation with a clip from the newest Temp Tales short movie “Crittah Gittahz II” featuring yours truly. I made it to the big time. Finally look at how fun it is to blog at all the hypocrisy dot com and get a song written about your blog post….inside the making of the TPP TP!

50 Freaky Shades of the United States

If moms are reading porno books, well, maybe, yes, I can,
Next thing you know, Joe Sixpack is my biggest fan,

But these tea party politicians are all clones.
jackasses in glass houses throwing stones,

there are 50 freaky shades of the united states,
and a million difference ways that congress masturbates,

John Boehner is the ringleader of this freak show,
He says I’m shutting down the government, pass the Merlot,
Like Osama bin laden drunk on the bourbon,
They got the terror business down, sans the turban,

there are 50 freaky shades of the united states
and a million difference ways that congress masturbates,

Its the hypocrisy that I despise,
got a message to tell about government lies,
got weed in the lungs, got music in the ears,
I’ll write another song if you buy me a couple beers.

“Just like regular kids”

In the wake of this horrible tragedy, I’m just waiting for the conservative aholes to blame the terrorist bombing on reefer. The prediction has been made…perhaps we could have a pool on which right wing pundit ahole does so first… I take Howie Carr! Here is a reference to reefer in an interesting article about people who knew this kid in high school.

Another acquaintance said she knew Dzhokhar from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. She said he had a group of “maybe four or five” Russian-speaking friends whom he was never without. “All I really knew of them was that they smoked weed and liked to party, just like regular kids. Jahar was such a sweetheart.”

Ironically, when read in context, the person making the statement sounds accepting of reefer, and if anything she is having a hard time with the fact that someone who liked reefer could commit this horrible act. When I think about it, I kind of agree. Reefer is the least violent drug of all. But this kid may have had psychotic tendencies, which would make reefer a bad fit. Who knows if he even smoked the reef? But, mark my words this will be mentioned by conservative aholes.

Its also really strange how the person refers to Jahar as a sweetheart. As this point he appears to be a murderous bastard.

Arrogant Pieces of Shit

I think we’ve lost sight of how to actually get shit done. I blame arrogant pieces of shit like Grover Norquist.

Lord Hypocrite, Grover Norquist, master of the universe,

He is a revolting man, like Newt Gingrich but worse,

Republicans sign his pledge or he’ll put you in your place,

By running negative ads in you next election race,

Grover Norquist, lord hypocrite, Grover Norquist, you GD MFing SOB, sob! piss off!!

We got the recession, and hurricanes and all kinds nasty weather,

Some people are out there struggling just barely keeping it together,

But the puppet master of this tea party revolution,

Decrees that low taxes for the rich are the only solution,

Grover Norquist, lord hypocrite, Grover Norquist, you GD MFing SOB, sob! piss off!!

But you also need to think about arrogant pieces of shit in the media from the left, right, north, and south who perpetuate madness of all forms.  My previous post explained how there is plenty of blame to go around for the federal government in terms of failing to properly regulate much of anything.  But arrogant pieces of shit on the left and the center left, refuse to work with the Libertarians to address this shit. Instead they focus on the same old crap arguments.

I’ve fucking had it!! We need results, talk is just talk. The radio is controlled by conservative pundits and the Internet is controlled by a mixture. You know I love the progressive talk, but the talk is always focused on what we disagree about, and largely this is all theoretical nonsense because in the end, NOTHING GETS DONE!! I know what we disagree about, it pretty fucking obvious! The right wing is selfish and serves the rich, and the left wing has the true Christian values to help the poor and the weak. You can go ahead and extend that to any issue and its the same. WE ALREADY KNOW HOW FUCKING OBVIOUS THIS IS!!! But when the government has become the monster, we need to fix the monster before we argue to give the monster more power.

Back when I started this web site in 2008, I had a feeling that the blogosphere was really helping to open people’s eyes, but you can open your eyes, and then just sit still. We must stand up and take the baby steps forward. WE WILL NOT GET ANYWHERE UNTIL WE CAN MAKE BABY STEPS – THAT MEANS LEGAL WEED! THAT MEANS A REAL EPA! THAT MEANS REASONABLE GUN CONTROL! The feds have done a shitty job, so get out of the way and let the states take it over. Sure, some red states will become environmental wastelands with bullets flying left and right, and they will serve as proof of their folly. But other red states will wise up and say, “I may be an arrogant piece of shit, but I would like to enjoy the success that the other states enjoy who take the obvious simple baby steps.” And eventually that is how SHIT GETS DONE, i.e. in Canada, the single payer system won out after the provinces that didn’t have it became sufficiently jealous or ashamed, and it finally became a federal thing.

The solution is simple, but arrogance from all sides stands in the way. Its a big fat stumbling block of arrogance. Listen to me, you arrogant pieces of shit, set aside the things that you disagree on, and work to get something done. We can keep on with the same old theoretical bullshit about what the federal government should do, but that BORES ME.

What excites me is action. We saw it in Colorado and Washington State on legal weed, and we see it in the efforts that states and mayors make on gun control. Lets talk about what the federal government has done already in gun control, before we get too excited about what they are going to do now. In 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot in the head with a little 22 pistol. This guy named Brady was also shot and hurt real bad….it wasn’t until 1994, 13 YEARS LATER, that the a watered down version of the Brady Bill was passed (originally it was a 2 week waiting period to get a handgun)…..but the NRA funded lawsuits to bring that shit all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was overturned, like 3 years later!!!

We passed a assault weapons ban in 1994 too, but that was a piece of shit bill set to expire in 10 years. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT AN ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE??!?!? HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE?!?! When they made cocaine illegal, there was no expiration date!! Did they expect the bullets to become softer in 10 years?? So all the blame doesn’t go on the reign of terror of Bush, does it? Because the federal government SUCKS ASS!!!

So to all the arrogant pieces of shit on the left, right, north and south, read my words. I am plenty smart to know what I am talking about here. I know your only defense will be to say “Whats your point, Jimmy?” And you will surely divert attention by going into the same old crap about what the federal government could theoretically do. But what you should do is listen to what I am saying, because frankly, I am smarter than you. I DEMAND RESULTS!!!

Remember Columbine?? Remember the movie about it that one of my heroes Michael Moore did?? That movie said it all, YET NOTHING got done. Ask yourself why? Oh I see, you want to blame it on the reign of terror of Bush!?!?! But we are into our fifth year of Obama. I am pretty fucking sure Obama saw the movie, yet he did nothing.

I think Obama is a good guy. I am sick of the folks trying to demonize him, or say that it doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad. The problem is that he is involved with the federal government, which works in unison with the crappy ass federal media . He can’t do shit that might give the right wing media anything to talk about. He is careful and he is playing chess. Go ahead and listen to the whining from pundits on the left about this fiscal cliff nonsense and the slight possibility of “tweaking social security”. I say Big fucking deal, Obama is simply opening a trap that the republicans can step in when they propose cutting SS so poor old folks eat nothing but cat food. Obama is smarter than you fucking whiners, and all you are doing with over-analyzing.

Heed my words you arrogant pieces of shit, I am smarter than you. Maybe that makes me arrogant, but at least I am not a piece of repeating boring shit. PISS OFF!!

Pre-existing Conditions (ANOTHER FREE SONG!)

Prepare for a whole new dimension in Reefercake productions…presenting Mrs. Reefercake on the Drums!!

Pre-existing conditions

Last friday on the Majority Report, someone IM’d about Huntington’s disease…also said they liked my song “how’d you get that job?” but that is beside the point…They were worried about getting tested, because they could be nailed with a pre-existing condition.

I am obsessed with healthcare system, kind of how sammy is obsessed with social security. I googled around and found this. The situation is pretty fucked up – essentially you need to hide and lie and play games….
from this site…
“Are the test results confidential?

Test results should be kept confidential and should only be given to another person with your written permission. On an initial call to a testing center, you should ask how confidentiality is ensured.”

so go and get the test, but make sure the place is confidential and only get a claim in for your insurance, if your test comes up clean.

If you do test positive for the huntington’s disease gene, don’t submit the claim, and keep if confidential. Also keep in mind, that marijuana has been effective in treatment, so keep hope alive, there are treatments. Best wishes.

Obama Apologist Jimmy Reefercake IM's Sam Seder

Today, Sam read this IM in his best stoner voice…it was pretty funny, you can download at for free…

Jimmy Reefercake 12:41 pm
Sam, you were buttery smooth on countdown…so now that santa has given everyone what they want, lets talk about how to pay for it. DRAW DOWN the military spending or cut social security? i think obama wins that battle hands down, so lets start that debate. i think this is the place that he must stand firm on….if he caves on this final battle, then I am boarding the “fuck you obama train” and its a one way ticket to Disenfranchisedville.

Sam launched into a familar bit about why would someone use the name Reefercake, I became slightly annoyed and IM'd

Jimmy Reefercake 1:01 pm
come on man!

Then Sam launched into the response to my point which was a resounding yes.

All you dejected progressives, hear my battle horn! We will fight another day. Obama took what he could, it was meager, but there simply are not enough votes to change things now…I thought about it and I want my middle class tax cut…it is a bitter pill, but I have become sick and tired of the negativity.

We are in the defensive position now…the republicans will have the label of being in power, and their shitty proposals will be their own downfall, once they get too greedy and once again go after social security or some other dipshit manuever. Fuck the republicans and blue dogs, damn them, but don't blame Obama.