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First Ever Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill is Introduced

Its time to get serious because the battle is on. Our chance has finally come. The first-ever Congressional bill to let states legalize marijuana is here.

Let it be known to politicians who will not join Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) in this bipartisan effort to allow Americans the fundamental freedom to pursue their own happiness, you saw what I did to Anthony Weiner, you will be next. Anyone who votes against this bill they will face a tough re-election because the overwhelming majority of Americans support the legalization of reefers.

Here are the scum sucking bastards who want to defeat reefers…

I am sure there will be plenty of hypocrites who want to deny us the chance to finally make some progress. Its going to be an interesting summer. Oh, here is one of them, Lamar Smith, jackass from Texas.

Wake up, Texas, this man is a disgrace.

The Week in Song with Jimmy Reefercake

I have to tell you all that this week the Reefercake is burning the J at both ends…in other words I am “straight up” with work, and a bunch of other crap. But I am looking forward to seeing some old friends on an upcoming trip, so I should quit my complaining. Not only that, I had a chance to catch some of the Majority Report IM session today and the masses of IMers started demanding that I have a weekly song that rounds up the news. Sammy set some ground rules…90 seconds, and I can only mention my name, “Jimmy Reefercake” once per 60 seconds. So I guess I could say Jimmy twice and Reefercake once, if my calculations are correct.

Anyhow, I said I was up to the challenge…sounds like we will be rolling withing a month or so.

Janeane Garofalo: Smoky Warrior Princess

Janeane Garofalo is a legendary warrior in the fight against hypocrisy. She fantastic and brilliant, but dang nabbit she likes her smokes. Listen to that thick cough a rumblin’.

I asked her whether or not she smokes the reefer, and whether she believes that legalization is the first step to freedom. She gives an answer that will blow your friggin’ mind. Listen here

Keep your government hands off of Ayn Rand's Medicare, but reform reefer with Rand Paul

Ayn Rand, author of the libertarian bible, “Atlas Shrugged”, is being called out at

I don't blame her one bit for collecting Medicare and social security, now that she is old and sick with cancer.

What I don't understand is why she didn't come out and say something about it to her delusional followers who insist that government insistence is evil. Just come out and say, “you know what, I was wrong, these programs are valuable and needed”. The sad truth is that she may have been too deranged and senile to be able put two and two together. Regardless, Ayn, you are a hypocrite, and your book sounds like it sucks. Tell me folks, is “Atlas Shrugged” worth reading or is it the tired cliche that it sounds like?

Rand Paul might have been named after her, eh? Libertarians are religious like that. But I have to give Rand Paul the nod for supporting reefer reform, which anyone in their right mind knows is long overdue. Whoever the democrat is who ran against him, the guys was a douchebag, anti-pot supremecist, hypocrite.

If you want to put a test to a democrat, simply find out their feelings on reefer reform. Remember this poem:

Reefer reform, shall be the norm.
You oppose the herb, get kicked to the curb.

Tired of the Shit Slinging Festival

I'm just tired of the shit slinging festival. I mean it is good to nail the right wing talk machine when they say something really stupid, or do something really horrible, but when something happens that is horrible, I don't like to blame it on anyone. That gives these assholes fuel, and they love it.

The bottom line for me is that once an conspiracy becomes obvious and exposed, as with reefer madness, if the government still does not try to correct these obvious conspiracies, it fuels the fire for even crazier scenarios to play out in the minds of those who are the victims of oppression.

It reminds you of the terrorists from the Middle East, a small group of deranged folks who have a beef with oppression in their homeland. While their beef is legitimate on some levels, the terrorism doesn’t help their cause, it has only led to more mass violence upon their country.

I am always curious to know the motivation of a terrorist , because there is usually something legitimate, that they have overblown in their minds.

In my case I am outraged about the prohibition of reefer. I choose to start a blog about all the hypocrisy. I call talk shows, and IM Sam Seder. I am sane.

For someone who is insane, the prohibition of reefer provides an excuse for them to think really crazy shit and do horrible things. Gun laws need to change.

Anyhow I find this conversation much more interesting than trying to state the obvious about the right wing gun culture. Gun laws need to change. You won't have much success by alienating the gun culture. Yes they are wrong, but having a gun fetish, well, its as natural to some as smoking weed is to me. Let people have their simple pleasure, their right, but if they are known to be crazy motherfuckers, put them on the list, and don't let them have guns. This guy should have been on the list of crazy motherfuckers.

Take care.

Arizona Shooting and Reefer Madness – Podcast

You want a podcast on the Arizona Shooting and how it relates to reefer – You got it!

JR-numero uno-02

allright, its about distrust of government in general. I just think we are getting all worked up and not doing the simple things…posing this question – “if pot was legal would this have happened?” I think this is just as legitimate a question as “if republicans, ie.. Rush, Glenn Beck, would tone down their rhetoric, would this have happened?”

as a matter of fact maybe I should poll this shit and see what you all think….add to list of things to do…

Jimmy Reefercake's First Podcast, LISTEN HERE OR DOWNLOAD FREE

Jimmy got a new mic and jimmy like, jimmy like. 20 minutes of pure Reefercake, addressing the Sam Seder saga, a strange obsession with getting “Sammy” to play “Smoke a Bowl” on his show give me a wee little interview to talk about reefer madness….and the HYPOCRISY.

If people listen I'll do it on a weekly basis. Turn off you TVs and tune in to ALL THE HYPOCRISY! Blog much? Blog HERE! Blog NOW!

allright, I give up….how the hell do I get this one to link up…?


Reefercake podcast 1

Allright I have figured out that my 20 minutes of podcasting brilliance is too big a file…might have to deliver this shit in 10 minute segments…no time now but will get too that….for now witness my cover of North Country Blues (first try on on the new mic)

North Country Blues

Obama Apologist Jimmy Reefercake IM's Sam Seder

Today, Sam read this IM in his best stoner voice…it was pretty funny, you can download at for free…

Jimmy Reefercake 12:41 pm
Sam, you were buttery smooth on countdown…so now that santa has given everyone what they want, lets talk about how to pay for it. DRAW DOWN the military spending or cut social security? i think obama wins that battle hands down, so lets start that debate. i think this is the place that he must stand firm on….if he caves on this final battle, then I am boarding the “fuck you obama train” and its a one way ticket to Disenfranchisedville.

Sam launched into a familar bit about why would someone use the name Reefercake, I became slightly annoyed and IM'd

Jimmy Reefercake 1:01 pm
come on man!

Then Sam launched into the response to my point which was a resounding yes.

All you dejected progressives, hear my battle horn! We will fight another day. Obama took what he could, it was meager, but there simply are not enough votes to change things now…I thought about it and I want my middle class tax cut…it is a bitter pill, but I have become sick and tired of the negativity.

We are in the defensive position now…the republicans will have the label of being in power, and their shitty proposals will be their own downfall, once they get too greedy and once again go after social security or some other dipshit manuever. Fuck the republicans and blue dogs, damn them, but don't blame Obama.

Majority Report Song Contest Part 2: Hey There, Alcoholic (Boehner)

I am now realizing that the song “Virgil Goode, totally insane” may have been the worst mistake of my career. A man will do crazy things to get his song played on the Majority Report. I was trying to impress Sammy and the crew by writing and producing a song quickly using one of their favorite clips and doing it in less than 2 hours work and got the idea to actually meld the CSPAN audio with the music. I ended up with something that is slightly deranged, shifting from serious to funny. I still think the hook, “Totally Insane” is righteous, some good lines about Jesus, but as a production it stinks. It is also mostly serious, which is not what they need. They need funny. For a funny song about Jesus, check out King Missle's “Jesus was Way Cool”.

So I dusted off this one, from the archives…

“Hey There, Alcoholic” by Jimmy Reefercake

Sorry, the production is still sloppy, after all this is Reefercake Studios, not Captain Marblehead with cousin trouble, but everyone agrees this one is fun to listen to…MORE COWBELL!

Majority Report, Hear My Battle Horn, this one will be perfect on your show for when you talk about Boehner, the sobbing, the slurring of words, you better get on that impression Sammy, dubbya is getting worn out. I suggest you use the song as a standard intro for talking about Boehner.

Best of Luck!