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DNC Fraud Lawsuit, most important lawsuit in the nation’s history

By Joseph Ballin

While a TYT panel dismissed this and a certain MR co-host called it “boring”, there is nothing more important and vital to our nation’s survival as a somewhat quasi democratic representative republic than our fundamental right to vote. I like millions of Americans registered Democrat (and shortly afterwords back to independent) in order to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. However, what me and millions of other Americans didn’t realize was our votes didn’t mean jack shit cause the DNC had rigged the primary years in advance for Hillary. Oh sure Hillary didn’t win in 2008, but that was only cause Obama was just as much as a DNC insider as Hillary and both had a compromise allow Hillary to be Secretary of State and to be the nominee in 2016.

Fast forward to 2017, and the DNC rigged another race, this time for their boy Tom Perez, another Clinton loyalist, for the chairmanship of the DNC.  I supported Sam Ronan in that race, but others thought Keith Ellison would have been a better choice. Either way both are light years better than Perez. But the gravy train must keep on rolling at the DNC.

Let’s take exit polling disparities.  Keep in mind exit polls were used as justification by the American empire to overthrow the democratically elected president of Ukraine and install right wing forces pandering to Nazis. According to Richard Charnin, 11 of 26 exit polls exceeded the margin of error for Sanders, while 24 of 26 exit polls shifted to Clinton in the vote . The exit polling got so bad that they stopped doing exit polls in May, meaning Kentucky, Oregon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and District of Columbia had not exit poll results.

And that’s not even covering that other fraud, the super delegates, denying millions of independent and other parties from voting in the Democratic primary, the throwing off of thousands of Brooklyn voters, stealing Nevada delegates from Sanders, Bill Clinton closing down a voting station in Massachusetts, anointing Hillary the winner the day before the CA primary, and I haven’t even touched the DNC emails.

This is stuff straight out of a banana republic. Until we fix our voting process we will never be free of people like Clinton or Trump (the pied piper candidate the DNC/Clinton promoted because they thought he would be “easy” to beat). In the DNC Fraud lawsuit, Bruce Spiva, lawyer for the DNC, stated that “We could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way,’” So what Bruce is saying is your vote doesn’t mean jack shit and the DNC charter isn’t worth the paper to whip your ass with. We need to expose corrupt people like DWS and Donna Brazile for the lying frauds. This why the DNC lawsuit is so vital to our democracy and I thank people like Tim Black, H. A. Goodman, Jimmy Dore, and others for covering this. Also special thanks to Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee Beck for pushing this case. We cannot win in 2020 with a Tulsi Gabbard or a Nina Turner or a Bernie Sanders if the voting system is rigged against them.


The Democratic Primaries: No more exit polls; Kentucky and Oregon recap




The GOP Fails to Steal a Seat in Maine House (Milktoast Man)

Here is the statement from our big fat governor liar on the latest GOP attempt to steal an election.

Milktoast Man

Milktoast Man, Milktoast Man, will you ever take a stand?
I ask you do you understand, you only help the Republican,

Paul LePage, is the worst governor in the USA,
The economy sucks and he’s taking more benefits away,
but you take some toast, you let it it soak in millk, and tell me what you get
A mushy mushy mushy mess, when you let that toast get wet,

No more milktoast like I said, take them out to the woodshed,
I think Stephen King agrees, but is it Toby saying more milktoast please?

I just want to know, Toby, are you a republican?

In Long Island all we really know, is that someone really screwed up,
Or made a mistake on purpose, when they picked 21 votes up!
It was the state house republicans, who voted to keep their friggin gal,
I can only wonder if you’re serving up milktoast, to try to be a pal,

No more milktoast like I said, take them out to the woodshed,
Please serve us some lean protein, I’m not saying that you gotta be mean,

I’m just saying….No more Milktoast PLEASE!

Come On, Coleman

I fully support any candidate’s rights to contest the results of any election in accordance with the laws of that state, even if that state has really f’ed up laws (which is why I support national standards for our electoral process which really wouldn’t cost as much as they say it would) But Coleman no longer has a rational argument except ‘it was so close that we need to do a re-vote’ even though the state’s laws don’t allow a revote, so essentially he has no argument at all. Of course, we all know what this is about these GOP bastards aren’t really hiding it…

“The battle in Washington is real. Every day in the Senate without Al Franken is a great day,” Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently told a Tulsa audience. Politico reported that Republicans back the idea of Coleman appealing his case indefinitely because “a long fight is worth it if it keeps Franken from becoming the 59th Senate Democrat, which would give President Barack Obama a huge advantage over the next two years.”

In light of 2000 this ranks as hypocrisy of the decade. The entire state has been recounted. The state has a very simple process of contesting and deciding contested ballots. Its over, deal with it assholes.


So Al is on the verge of pulling ahead in the recount.  This link has the up-to-the-minute minutia of all the ballot challenging madness.  As of late tonight Coleman leads by 5.  He seems to have had more spurious challenges than Franken, so the expectation is that this thing will swing tomorrow.

I hate to say, but this process is farcical.  Maybe the fact that Coleman is about to go down for corruption will make the end result easier to swallow for partisan Minnesotans.  Disappointing as the Georgia Senate runoff result was, at least you come away with a clear result.  When the final difference in votes is less than 0.005%, which is where this thing is headed, maybe its time to declare “renege” and shuffle up again. Disappearing ballots, re-appearing ballots, unopened absentee envelopes… I wouldn’t have confidence if this were a county clerk’s election, much less a US Senator.

So really, the question comes down to: how far will Coleman go to keep this thing alive?  How many lawsuits, how many appeals?  Will he have to dip into his wife’s Blo & Go money?  For a possible preview of things to come, read how another grasping incumbent scrambles to keep the dream alive… interestingly enough to readers of this blog, the man’s name is Scarborough, he’s a state rep from Charleston, SC… and he’s your basic trust fund scumbag, cheating on his wife and shooting at utility workers.  Southern Gothic at its finest!