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Wikieaks: Hillary Clinton Thinks Walmart is Essential for Democracy


In the Wikileaks latest batch of Releases, Hillary Clinton in Paid Speech Part 1, her staffers annotated problematic paid speeches. In November 4, 2013, she gave one of her Paid Speeches, to London Drugs.  Here are some uber idiotic things even Donald Trump wouldn’t say

Walmart Essential for Democracy
Indians need Walmart To learn how to Store Grain


Human Rights Crisis

Human Rights Crisis

The leaders of Saudi Arabia, are in many ways just as bad as ISIS.
public flogging, chopping heads off, executing children, its a human rights crisis,

the god damn united nations
must be a fraudulent organization,
The human rights commission,
sure seems like an odd position,
did they appoint Saudi Arabia the head,
to protect the human right to make other people dead?
sure seems like it to me
another display of human hypocrisy

the hypocrisy could not be clearer,
Than in the story of ali muhamed nimr,
the young boy was sentenced to die,
for protesting the government, that’s why

So come out to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in New York City,
Friday, august 19th, at 1 pm,
We’d like our country to pressure the Saudis to exhibit some Human Rights
after all they are the god damn leader of the UNited Nations human rights commission, so it would make sense to stop with the publicly flogging, chopping heads off,
and at least stop with the executing of children,

How to Deal With Police Officers*

Look them in the eye
Call them sir if possible
Smile and use a calm voice
Make small talk, weather, sports, etc
never argue
Obey all reasonable commands,
do not move your hands or make any sudden motions
DO NOT allow them to search your body or vehicle without a warrant.

*These rules in no way guarantee that you will not be arrested, beaten, or killed. Results vary based on race, age, and income

ATH Podcast 10-17-14: LePage Spews Poo, Ferguson Blues, Police State

We are back!!!!! Joe thirty back sits in with a mild hangover as Jimmy runs through the latest…..LePage for another 4 more years is like a hangover that will never go away.

ATH podcast 10-17-14

Today (Ferguson, Missouri)

Today, Today, the police state grows today,
They shot Micheal Brown down, in Ferguson Missouri,
My progressive, liberal, and libertarian friends,
MUST work together, to make this CRAP end,
and Today, Today, this police state must end today.

These tears are real, hand me a tissue,
yet you still to complain, that weed is my pet issue,
prohibition gives police a way to harass,
something as common as just smoking grass.
in Colorado with safe and legal mary jane,
we see drop in violent crime, a drop in the pain,
a boost in tax dollars, talkin let it rain,
but the hypocrites are always sure to complain,
they complain about the dangers of selling legal weed,
just like people complained when the slaves were all freed,

yeah, today, stop this police state today

When police walk the streets with malice and hate,
the violence is guaranteed to escalate.
Like the night at the bar with the fake ID,
That cop didn’t take to kindly to me,
We are all afraid, we know the cops don’t play,
thats why at the Phish concert I ran away,
my buddy uila got busted out in Roanoke,
while I was hanging with him trying to get a smoke,
Its was the stuff from down on Seton street,
Down in DC me and puff daddy would meet,
He’d have 10 nickelbags of shitty brick weed,
For the next couple weeks probably what I’d need,
Its the law of numbers, I guarantee,
the city dealers end up in penitentiary,
A police state we live in where justice is sold,
I say legalize it now, before we all get old!

Today, Today, this police state must end, Today.

Today (Ferguson version)

It Stops Today

Today! TODAY,
this violence stops today!
They choked Brother Garner out
Let us learn from this I pray.

harrassing black men, is where it begins,
Brother Garner, rest in piece, because now it ends,
Let this violence STOPS TODAY.

To all you NYC rich big city clickers,
You bunch of Michael Bloomberg bootlickers,
With your fancy clothes and your mocha latte.
You thought stop and frisk would work out ok
New York city cops are inflicting the pain,
You never see crap like that up here in Portland Maine,
Hell, we even legalized recreational mary jane,
you can’t even smoke medical, how insane!

today, I said today,legalize marijuana today!

the police state is growing, its scary man
thats why My label is progressive libertarian,
And violence is something that I most MOST despise,
And just look at that video with your own damn eyes.

I said Today! I said TODAY,
this violence stops today!
THEy choked Brotha Garner out
There is now way that that is ok

harrassing black men, is where it begins,
Brotha Garner rest in piece, because now it must end,
I said This violence must STOP
This violence must STOP

It Stops Today

BP: Beach Police

Everybody needs to read this dispatch from Mother Jones about BP and the beaches.

Welcome to your future, America. Poor people continuously raking the same patch of sand into bags for $10 an hour… not so much to clean the beach as to salvage the oil.

BP needs to be taken down.  It might be time to promote this guy to Secretary of the Interior, so that he can implement his plan to nuke the leak shut. I’m beginning to come around… all the response actions thus far have been about preserving BP’s fucking investment, damn the environmental consequences.  It’s an outrage.

“Drug prohibition is the golden goose of terrorism”

The Judge is Wise.  Watch this video.

Via Ed Brayton, Judge Jim Gray, a conservative California judge with lots of experience fighting drugs, says the present policy benefits drug lords and terrorists among others. After laying out his case, Jones concludes the most patriotic thing he can do is work to repeal drug laws:

I like how the judge has to lay out his hardass bonafides before launching into his anti-prohibition arguments.  “I’m not a dirty hippie, dammit!”  Nixon to China and all that.  Hey man, whatever it takes!

Then there is the social justice argument that he leaves largely unsaid.  I caught some of this interview with Michelle Alexander last week, laying out the racial angle of the War on Drugs, and it’s pretty appalling.

The war on drugs waged in these ghetto communities has managed to brand as felons millions of people of color for relatively minor, nonviolent drug offenses. And once branded a felon, they’re ushered into a permanent second-class status, not unlike the one we supposedly left behind. Those labeled felons may be denied the right to vote, are automatically excluded from juries, and my be legally discriminated against in employment, housing, access to education, public benefits, much like their grandparents or great grandparents may have been discriminated against during the Jim Crow era.


The war on drugs, contrary to popular belief, was not declared in response to rising drug crime. Actually, the war on drugs, the current drug war, was declared in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan at a time when drug crime was actually on the decline. A few years later, crack cocaine hit the streets in poor communities of color across America, and the Reagan administration hired staff to publicize crack babies, crack mothers, crack dealers in inner-city communities, in an effort to build public support and more funding, and ensure more funding, for the new war that had been declared. But the drug war had relatively little to do with drug crime, even from the outset.

The drug war was launched in response to racial politics, not drug crime. The drug war was part of the Republican Party’s grand strategy, often referred to as the Southern strategy, an effort to appear—appeal to poor and working-class white voters who were threatened by, felt vulnerable, threatened by the gains of the civil rights movement, particularly desegregation, busing and affirmative action. And the Republican Party found that it could get Democrats—white, you know, working-class poor Democrats—to defect from the Democratic New Deal coalition and join the Republican Party through racially coded political appeals on issues of crime and welfare.

Lovely.  Part II of the interview is here.