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ATH 2-13-17 Esha from Twitter

ATH 2-13-17 Esha from Twitter

J30 and I were delighted to have Esha on the show!! Her wit and knowledge about politics and hypocrisy are always welcome, we talk Cory Booker, Majority Report, Jimmy Dore and more!! Majority Report’s Matthew Film Guy talked some smack about another Reefercake democratic party slam / reefer rock song….in short action packed!

Home of the Deranged by Jimmy Lepagercake

G                           C
Oh give me a home where the white man can roam
G            A7       D7
Where the dark folk have all been chased away 
G                    C
Where  seldom is heard a bipartisan word,
        G             D7         G
And tea party Republicans reign,

D7               G
Home of the deranged,
A7       D7
taking notes from governor paul lepage
G                    C
Where seldom is heard a bisexual word,

        G             D7         G
and the bathrooms are cleansed of the gays

young white women at night, once with their legs crossed so tight
G              A7         D7
‘Til d-money smoothie and shifty came up to town

Now they’ve all gone insane, on heroine and cocaine
G       D7            G
That’s why all your grand children are brown

ATH PODCAST: The Chris Lapakko (Trump Penis, Cuck, Russian Whores, Viagra)


I had a good old time podcasting with special guest The Chris Lapakko as we talked about Trump, Stephanie Miller, LePage, Chris spits some rap about Trump the Cuck, I sing a song riddled with non PC sexual references about that same deviant president-elect.

Its about having fun and staying well informed about the latest hypocrisy. Worldwide.


Paul LePage: Disgusting Hypocrite

In preparation for ousting our freak show guvna’, see this classic ATH podcast from July 2013, which highlights the entire footage, the Vaseline comment was big, but we shred this dimiwitted bully guvna’ for the entire rant.

Will he really be ousted or not? It is a scary thought to consider…we could be stuck with 4 more years of LePage. If this happens, blame Eliot Cutler.

LePage just agreed to “be on the same stage” with Michaud. What a sack of arrogant piss, LePage, is upset because Michaud won’t denounce a negative ad over semantics….Meanwhile supporters of LePage continue to try to take advantage of elderly demented folks…see below “tweet of the week”

Pooping Out of Your Mouth

Govna LePage, you’re so full of it,
Got your mouth open with your foot in it,
You’re always pissed off, always mad,
There’s a reason why your breath smells so bad,
You got so much poop inside of you, you gotta let it out,
So keep on pooping, pooping, pooping, out of your mouth!

Govna LePage, you sure are hated,
Are you all bound up and constipated?
funded by out of staters from the south,
squeezing out turds through your mouth,
You got so much poop inside of you, and you gotta let it out,
So keep on pooping, pooping, pooping, out of your mouth!

Pooping Out of Your Mouth