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“Trump Crazy Land” Parody of Adam Sandler’s “Lunch Lady Land”

trump crazy land (based on adam sandler’s lunch lady land)
“This is a new song…”
“It’s through the eyes of one of the worst people alive, I feel…”
“The president elect Donald Trump”

Woke up in the morning
Composed myself a brand new tweet
Picked a brutal 3rd world dictator
that I’d like to meet.
Got no clue, but this president job is pretty friggin sweet.
Just know everything’s doing fine Down here in
Trump Crazy Land

Well I wear this weave on my head
‘Cause my blonde hair is fallin’ out
A tremendous big league con man
that’s what I’m all about
I know you want to kick out all the mexicans
But there’s no reason to shout
Everybody gets lied to Down here in
Trump Crazy Land

Rednecks & bikers, Rednecks & bikers,
KKK, alex jones, republicans,
Rednecks & bikers, Rednecks & bikers,
Biden 2020?
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe

Well I dreamt one morning
That I woke up to see
That big Joe Biden
was looking at me
He screamed, you can’t defeat me
Just cause I’m old
I said I live in the whitehouse
Just do what you’re told
Then the left & the right
Started joining the fight
And the media
Pushed me with all its might
And then Rand Paul slapped me
And kicked me in the head
It’s called revenge little Donnie
Said the FBI head
I said what did I do
To make you all so mad
They said “eat some tic tacs man,
your breath is bad”
Then the Green Party said
You better run and hide
But then my friend Bill Clinton came
And joined my side
He said if it wasn’t for Hillary
Bernie would have beat ya
You should be shakin’ her hand
And sayin’ please to meet ya
You acted like throwing
her jail was your goal
you should be kissin’ her feet
And her CNN mole
Now all the angry pundits
Just leave me alone
And we all live together
In a happy home

Thanks to
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe
sloppy joe, slop, sloppy joe

[Spoken] Well me & Joe Biden got married
Cause supreme court says gay marriage is fine
Down here in Trump Crazy Land

ATH Podcast: Orange Lemonade Revised and bubbles

Happy thanksgiving Everybody!! In this emergency podcast I address the controversy from last Friday’s Majority Report
Hopefully clears up a lot of the misunderstanding that Sammy and the crew created over ,y beloved “Orange Lemonade” song. Here’s my prediction, not only will I be proud of “Orange Lemonade” 12 months from now, I am going to predict that “Orange Lemonade” will be a catch phrase used by others in the media. Along with that prediction, I predict they will not give me any credit for inventing the phrase.
Are you in a bubble? aren’t we all in a bubble?
I hope I don’t get into even more trouble,
trying to write a song about what I think went wrong,
I guess it only proves that your bubble is strong,
I promise that I’m not trying to make a fool of you.
But what would you sing about if you had my point of view?
There may once come a day where you make a fool of me again,
And I may have to realize that you aren’t my friend.
Until then I won’t be letting these bubbles bring me down,
You can go ahead and play that cuckoo clock sound.
Bubbles burst because I stuck my guitar pic in.
Here’s wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!

Orange Lemonade

There once was a time when I felt an emotional tie,
when Obama beat Mccain I was so happy that I cried.
But today I’m not the same. I never wanted Hillary in the game.
And Donald trump, I ain’t scared of you.
I don’t want to hear you tell me how much worse it will be
Than having a two faced hypocrite president like Hillary?
We’ll be fucked, we’re fucked,  we’ll be fucked either way,
so lets try to make some orange lemonade.
Believe me I felt the rage, the same folks elected Paul Lepage,
ITs the Angry white folks of the middle and elderly age,
Hillary says its great, but up went those obamcare rates,
So they said Donald Trump, we’re not scared of you
Yeah they said tell us how much worse Trump will be
Than having a two faced hypocrite president like Hillary?
We’ll be fucked, we’re fucked, we’ll be fucked either way,
so lets try to make some orange lemonade.
tomorrow’s going to be a better day.
I know its going to be a better day.

Eye of the Liar

Donald Trump is feeling the heat,
But I still like his chances,
Hillary Clinton thinks that she has him beat,
But she’s wondering why she allowed Assange to survive?

Hillary said “can’t we just drone him?”
Because she found him annoying,
Kept exposing all her lies from the past,
Julian Assange is lucky to be alive.

Its the Eye of the Liar,
Its the thrill of the fight,
Who will be the most effective liar?
And now Trump plans his lying,
As he tweets in the night,
And’s he’s stalking us all with the eye of the liar.
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Eye of the Liar

Shitty Candidate Forum

I don’t give a fuck about Matt Laur,
He’s not the one seeking presidential power,
The real problem here,
is the politics of fear,
and the fact that we have two shitty candidates,

Hillary loves the generals, and her voice puts a chill into my spine,
Hillary sure loves Isreal, and dropping bombs on Palestine,

Trump loves the generals too, but not the ones that got reduced to rubble,
Trump loves Putin and he says he’ll keep Russia out of trouble,
which is bullshit, but on the other hand for Hillary to hype up the fear of Russia, when supposedly we have a common enemy in ISIS, yet Hillary says destroying ISIS is the number one priority, sometimes it seems to me that Hillary uses violence and regime change and intervention as a solution every chance that she can…but in summary…

I don’t give a fuck about Matt Laur,
He’s not the one seeking presidential power,
The real problem here,
is the politics of fear,
and the fact that we have two shitty candidates,

don’t blame me, I voted for Bernie.

Shitty Candidate Forum

Wolf Like Hillary (Its True)

Wolf Like Hillary (Its True)

I said vote Bernie
If you love this country
to cure the malady
Of income inequality

Got a curse she cannot lift
Hillary’s position shifts
she’s a friend of Goldman Sachs
she’s the queen of the hypocrites

Bought and sold the media are
they said Bernie wouldnt get too far
before the transformation took
the strangle hold on the party shook,

Their minds would change
If they explained election fraud
we lost the game
because they played as if they’re God
Establishment I hear their take!!
on Bernie bros and reefercake!!
I’m listening to the freelancers!!
when I’m looking for the real answers!!
Hillary we recognize!!
Has s hideous past to hide!!!
And she supports the fracking guys!!
its true, true, true, true!

Cleveland Steamer

From my reefer fueled brain up in Maine, this one goes to the heartland of America…in Brooklyn motherfucker!!
Cleveland Steamer

I’m drinking booze staying up late listening to the Majority Report of course!
Listen to the boos Ted Cruz cuz you loser you refused to endorse!

The Roto virus has them all crapping and puking in the garbage pail,
But the Benghazi story keeps on Rockin, they wanna put Hillary in jail,

It’s not enough to call Hillary a bitch
in league with Lucifer, is she ……..a witch?

it’s a Cleveland steamer!

A platform of endless war and gay conversion is not what we need,
These god damn hypocrite sickos don’t even support medical weed,

It’s a good old-fashioned witchhunt.
I hear that Chachi guy even called her a ……….a cunt?

it’s a Cleveland steamer!

Just Laugh

What’s the appropriate reaction to the rise of Donald trump today?
Should I be angry or sad, or should I just laugh it all away?
And Bernie Sanders with all those great ideas for tomorrow
If Hillary wins with her mind control, will I drown myself in sorrow?
I’ll Drink pitchers of beer, and stuff my face at the local pizzeria,
I’ll get so worked up about the Clinton machine that it will give me diarrhea,
I’ll get so depressed about Donald Trump and his racist rants,
I’ll get in a fight with some meatheads and probably piss my pants.
Diarrhea and pissing my pants, that’s what the future holds,
Crying and cussing and bitching, as the end of the world unfolds,
But these negative thoughts are filling my mind and there’s only so much space,
So on second thought, I’ll just laugh it off, and keep a smile on my face,