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Just for laffs

It’s hard when you’re stoking racism to remember whether or not your supporters really are racist, or if you’re just hoping their racist, and if they are racist, whether they like to consider themselves racist, or if they’re just a bunch of white people who like to boo divisive politics at rallies. Being Grand Wizard is harder than it looks!

Is this election over yet?

Turd Blossom Express

Given that it’s Sunday, I’m gonna go ahead and snatch Joe the Plumb-lord’s short-lived crown and declare a new Hypocrite of the Week TM

You Mainers probably know that Senator Collins has denounced and rejected these robotronics, no doubt because they violate the first of Asimov’s Three Laws.

Nice piece of hitting by Baldelli down 0-2. Whatever happened to that “wasting” disease he was suffering from?


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Racist Rallies

Can you be an Arab and a decent family man or are they mutually exclusive? Way to take the high road buddy.

Woman at rally: I don’t trust Obama. I have read about him and and…he’s an Arab.

Sen. John McCain: No ma’am, no ma’am. He’s a decent family man, citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. That’s what this campaign is all about. He’s not, thank you.

This was the only video I could find that was clear enough to show her bedhead….

Letterman’s Revenge

Letterman cuts through the hypocrisy…..

Letterman: Did you not have a relationship with Gordon Liddy?

McCain: I met him.

Letterman: Did you attend a fundraiser at his house?

McCain: Ummmmmmm.  Ahhhhhh….Gordon Liddy?

Letterman: (You’re-so-full-of-shit laughter)

McCain: I know Gordon Liddy, he went to prison, and he paid his debt. I’m not in any way embarrassed to know Gordon Liddy.

Another McPenguin moment near the end of the video clip…”Millions of words, yes indeed..”

The great man

Publius sums up my feelings on the debate, and this election, perfectly:

And so tonight, the great man — having run a small and misguided campaign — was forced to scrape the absolute bottom. Tonight, the great man not only brought up the Ayers nonsense (see Pajamas Media point above), but he actually accused Obama and Ayers of being part of some grand conspiracy to subsidize ACORN. I would call it jumping the shark, but the Fonzie-derived phrase doesn’t do justice to the sheer tragic magnitude of the farce we saw tonight.

The truth is that the great man has nothing to say. It was a campaign constructed upon his own perceived greatness. The issues he noted — earmarks, the surge — had less to do with helping the American people than about illustrating his own morality and greatness.

How poetically fitting, then, that the last days of a campaign premised upon historical greatness are spent hurling frivolous Hannity-style excrement in the midst of two wars and the worst financial crisis in decades. This is what he’s been reduced to — and it’s not pleasant to behold. Or to live through, I would imagine.

McCain hires known terrorist sympathizer

But it’s ok, because he was only in it for the money…

McCain Transition Chief Aided Saddam In Lobbying Effort

William Timmons, the Washington lobbyist who John McCain has named to head his presidential transition team, aided an influence effort on behalf of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to ease international sanctions against his regime.

The two lobbyists who Timmons worked closely with over a five year period on the lobbying campaign later either pleaded guilty to or were convicted of federal criminal charges that they had acted as unregistered agents of Saddam Hussein’s government.

During the same period beginning in 1992, Timmons worked closely with the two lobbyists, Samir Vincent and Tongsun Park, on a previously unreported prospective deal with the Iraqis in which they hoped to be awarded a contract to purchase and resell Iraqi oil. Timmons, Vincent, and Park stood to share at least $45 million if the business deal went through.

Timmons’ activities occurred in the years following the first Gulf War, when Washington considered Iraq to be a rogue enemy state and a sponsor of terrorism. His dealings on behalf of the deceased Iraqi leader stand in stark contrast to the views his current employer held at the time.


Bush League

Last night I saw Kathleen Parker on the Colbert Report. She’s a well known bootlicker conservative syndicated columnist who made some waves recently by calling on Sarah Palin to step down for the good of the country. Her point being that Palin had revealed herself to be supremely unqualified. (Or as Parker herself put it: “Out Of Her League”). So she turned up on Colbert to enjoy her moment of librul triumph.

[Aside: is Colbert not the greatest? That these right-wing hacks come on his show and glowingly seek his approval boggles my mind.]

I’m not linking either the article or the appearance. These hypocrites (and their numbers are growing by the day) actually expect credit for having the “intellectual honesty” to dump on Palin’s qualifications (and the McCain campaign in general). Well goody for you. You’re about eight years too late. There is absolutely no difference between George W. Bush and Sarah Palin other than lipstick and a skirt. There was ample evidence in 2000 that Bush was a blithering idiot. Where were the calls from the right-wingers claiming he was unfit for the presidency then?

Oh that’s right, they didn’t care because their man was still close in the polls. And they wouldn’t care now, except McCain is 10 points down, with only a 5% chance of victory. The rats are scrambling to get off the ship. (See: Christopher Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Kristol, David Frum… and why not, Kathleen Parker)

Get back to us when you’re ready to apologize for enabling the last eight years.

Hypocrisy at its best

Now this is a nice moment in hypocrisy…right after the crowd shouts out “kill him!! terrorist!!” McNasty says that his pleas are met with angry nastiness….Who is angry? Who is nasty? Obama supporters? Have they ever shouted kill him? Nope. Biden only professes his love for the poor confused bastard. But when you absorb the atmosphere at one of these republican freak shows, does this seem harmless like a harmless old jerk? This guy is a very dangerous man, who seems to take delight in violence.

*** Uila Update ***

TPM has a nice compendium of clips that throw McCane’s hypocrisy into stark relief. Let’s wrap this election up already…