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ATH Podcast Reefercake Reaction – Blame it on Trump

I react to Michael Brooks’s reaction to my song “Same Old Crap (Blame it on Trump)”

I challenge Micheal to debate me…..ATH 4-13-17 Reefercake Reaction

herbs work better than words

I went to my local democratic party meeting,
and I lectured them on why I think Hillary lost.
They called me a masogynist pig and told be to go away,
I told them I thought Hillary would be a shitty president anyway,
I gotta infiltrate the party, and get them all high,
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
we’ll find out.
They called me a stoner and a Bernie bro,
to their meetings I may never again go.
Yet long ago I executed an similar plan,
to change the hearts and minds of man
yes i did, yes i did,
I remember way back in the day
I successfully infiltrated the kkk
I got them all stoned every single day.
yeah infiltrate the KKK and get them all high,
maybe just maybe herbs work better than words.
A deep cover KKK operation, pretty scary, huh, man,
I had to persevere to make it a success in the end.
I managed to convert some of them
into libertarians.
oh yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.

‘Tis the Season For Hypocrisy

This pretty much says it all for the state of our country: Walmart worker trampled to death after opening doors for massive sale. They kept shopping and stepped around his dead body….

’tis the season for hypocrisy.
falalalala lalalala
spend money for the economy.
falalalala lalalala
dawn we now our credit card,
shalala shalala lalala
going bankrupt is not hard,
falalalala lalalala

crush we now our wallmart worker,
shalala lalala lalala
ok…..this is a little sick.

May the poor lad rest in peace, and may Walmart get their asses sued.

GOP Gangsta

Check out this crazy GOP gansta beeeahch.

Here’s a start to a new song-
drill baby drill, like i tap that ass,
blow up it all up cause we want more gas,
get the man fired if he don’t quit,
and i got more babies than a toilet got shit.

Creepy John

[sung to the tune of Creamy Jim…]

Walking down the street
(he’s so creepy)
Every voter he meets
(he’s so creepy)
He keeps his botox discrete
(he’s so creepy!)

He’s Creepy John
Get off his lawn
You’re just a pawn
in his bid for the White House

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