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Put Your Faith in a Plant

They told you Hillary Clinton would defeat any old republican, and I told you she can’t, I put my faith in a plant. cus everyone knows she’s a liar, and she’ll set the whole democratic party on fire,

Now they put their faith in potiticians again, I don’t understand, I put my faith in a plant. legalize weed and do it today, grow some weed like friggin hay. And yet you put your faith in poltiticians, and you want to do it again…I say , put your faith in a plant.

The Greens and The Libertarians Cucked the Democrats

It’s just like before the election of the Orange MONSTAH! Democratic party cheerleaders are so focused on their party strategy as being the only strategy. Sam Seder, likes to be able to put down a lot of people from a lot of different angles, and point out that the democrats are our only hope. My alternate and BETTAH theory is to build a larger umbrella of understanding and win hearts and minds. So instead of putting people down, I try to understand them. Pretty simple. Be nice.

Sammy said that the Greens and Libertarians hurt the Democrats, but that they would not acknowledge it. This was another angle for him to put them down and call them stupid hypocrites…They should have voted for Hillary to avoid the ORANGE MONSTAH Trump!! How dare they not hold their heads in shame, and come back to worship at the altar of the Democratic party. Unfortunately this theory continues to fail. We see millions of people leaving the democratic party since the election. I jump in on Sammy’s point, but then I use his own logic drive the DAGGAH further into the heart of the corrupt democrats, by mentioning that I feel many Greens and Libertarians are glad that they sent a message to the Democratic party that a candidate like Hillary Clinton, a liar, a hypocrite, an obvious corporate plant…..not the good kind of plant….thats why I say corporate whore….cuz I am a sexist Bernie Bro!!!

There is only one conclusion. The Greens and The Libertarians Cucked the Democrats. The Democrats must listen to the message and change to become more like Bernie. They will learn to appeal to greens, independents, and libertarians. One more candidate like HIllary Clinton will be the death blow to whatever is left of the broken democratic party.

What I Got- Reefercake Sublime Parody

Early in the morning
Rise to take a shit
Reading on my iphone
about The latest hypocrite
They say Russia is the reason
The Reason things went wrong
But is Russia also the reason?
why my money’s all gone?
House market inflation
The prices got so high
and when it crashed they bailed out the banks
I should have started a motherfucking riot THEN
Well, our president sucks
but thats the one you got
Ima keep on fighting
to legalize pot
Don’t mean no static
just get it off my chest
Never had to battle with no
democrat socialist
Take a small example
Take a tip from me
gotta Take all of your money
use it all to grow weed
Reef is what I got
 It’s within my reach
And the Reefercake style’s
Still straight from OOB
Reefer comes back to you
You’ll get the you deserve
Try and test this bud
Your about to get served
Reef is what I got
And I smoke a whole lot
You’ll feel it when
the dance get’s hot
Is What i got
I said remember that
 Is What I got
 Now remember that
(That’s) why I don’t cry
When the democrats run away
I Don’t get angry
At the bills I have to pay
I don’t get angry
When my mom smokes pot
Hits the bottle
And goes right to the rock
Fuckin’ and fightin’, it’s all the same
Livin’ wit medicinal’s the only way to stay sane
Let the lovin’, let the lovin’ come back to me

herbs work better than words

I went to my local democratic party meeting,
and I lectured them on why I think Hillary lost.
They called me a masogynist pig and told be to go away,
I told them I thought Hillary would be a shitty president anyway,
I gotta infiltrate the party, and get them all high,
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
we’ll find out.
They called me a stoner and a Bernie bro,
to their meetings I may never again go.
Yet long ago I executed an similar plan,
to change the hearts and minds of man
yes i did, yes i did,
I remember way back in the day
I successfully infiltrated the kkk
I got them all stoned every single day.
yeah infiltrate the KKK and get them all high,
maybe just maybe herbs work better than words.
A deep cover KKK operation, pretty scary, huh, man,
I had to persevere to make it a success in the end.
I managed to convert some of them
into libertarians.
oh yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.

“This land is my land” the cult of Cliven Bundy theme song

The crazy Bundy kids and friends in the bird sanctuary were finally rounded up. I hope this song did not help inspire the religious fervor, because one of those dudes was killed. I was trying to be sarcastic!

This Land is My Land

       C                       G

As I went walking, that ribbon of highway,

       D                    G

Thats when I found me, a bird sanctuary,

        C                  G

A wildlife refuge, made perfect for me,

D                              G

I’m the kin of the great Cliven Bundy


This land is my land, this land is my land,

Cause in Nevada, born the legend of Cliven,

Cause Bundy stood strong, and the feds faltered,

This land was made for me and me.


Always carrying an AK 47,

If the feds kill me, I’ll to heaven,

But can I beat them, like father Bundy

Singing, “This land was made for me and me”


This land is my land, this land is my land,

Cause in Nevada, born the legend of Cliven,

Cause Bundy stood strong, and the feds faltered,

This land was made for me and me.

It remains to be seen, will the feds falter in court, as the legendary song states? Here is the latest on the Cliven Bundy madness.



Horse Carriage Ban and Jimmy Challenges David Cross

In this winter episode, we freeze our jibbles off as we expose the hypocrisy and lies behind the moronic proposed NYC Horse Carriage Ban and after David Cross puts down my song I Challenges David Cross to a song-writing battle.

NYC Horse Carriage Ban and Jimmy Challenges David Cross

Shout outs this week go to:
-the Majority Report with a call to vote for them as the NUMBER 1 political podcast.
-the Stoned Socialist Podcast
O’Chang Comics for the Maine Style Funnies!
David Cross

Horse Carriage Banning Nonsense

Horse Carriage Banning Nonsense
c g
I guess the dude in charge is Steve Nislick
c g
gad dang rich new york city prick,
c g emin
While they never told you so, we always knew it,
c d
at All the hypocrisy, we see right through it,

c g
SO my my my, for goodness sake,
c g
won’t you listen to joe 30 pack and mr. reefercake,
c g emin
I’m never a fan of any gad dang friggin ban,
c d
and I’m grateful for my libertarian leaning fans,
but not that heritage foundation static,
or the small testicled gun fanatic,
Cuz those are the only ones you see on TV
not a libertarian socialist sunnuva gun like me!

c g
I’m sorry that I lost my self again,
c g
My original point I hope you understand,
that I am tired of this Horse Carriage Banning,
Holier than thou deep poop wading,
c g
tired of this Horse Carriage Banning liberal defaming
emin c d g
priority shifting, hypocrite ‘ing, gad dang Nonsense!

I won’t take it personally

I won’t take it personally
I won’t take it personally,
thats what germo tweeted to me,
No I won’t take it personally, no, no, no
that you don’t value freedom and liberty,

I’m sorry if you don’t understand my song,
What I’m singing, what I’m saying, or just too long,
If you want to hear it all go to all the hypocrisy dot com.
And if you don’t I won’t take it personally,
Most of my fans are over there in Germany,

And I won’t take it personally,
your stoner libertarian impression,
I see your prejudice, I see it totally,
But by all means use your freedom of expression,

I won’t take it personally,
thats what my friend germo tweeted to me,
No I won’t take it personally, no, no,no, no,
when you put down my freedom and liberty.

Libertarian Values

The police state is evidence of the freedom that we’re losing,
Understanding libertarian values, always gets confusing,
What republicans really want is voodoo economics,
the NRA and wall street donors always line their pockets,
Libertarian values are not republican all,
Remember that my friends when your voting in the fall,

On the other hand you got democrat schill,
Gives prescription for change, but we get the same pill,
our hard tax earned dollars spent on weapons that kill,
giving aid to netanyahu out in isreal still
doing nothing stupid is our strategy now man?
but ramping up the cold war with Russia? -not a good plan,

If you value liberty and don’t want to fan the flames of war,
Thats what the following facebook pages are for
Progressive libertarianism,
Punk Rock Libertarians,
Libertarian Democrats,
and of course me, Jimmy Reefercake!

Libertarian Values