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Jimmy Reefercake Supports Troy Jackson for Congress

Andy O’brien puts it well, “Pragmatic Progressive” of Orono & “Tom Joad” of the Allagash Vie for Democratic Nomination”

You want to know more about your candidates…take control of the situation and badger your radio station through social media. Don Cookson can call me a “one trick pony”, someone who “hides behind the name of Jimmy Reefercake” but as long as he asks the question I hold no grudge. All I can give is thanks for asking! That’s what being effective is all about Reefercake style. Thanks to Don, I got to the bottom of the Democratic primary race for Congress. Troy Jackson is the man for the job. Emily Cains waivers on marijuana legalization, while Troy Jackson keeps and open mind. Here is an interview with Troy.

And here is his inspirational speech at the Democratic convention.

This guy is a real deal hypocrisy buster and fighter for the working man. Good luck, Troy!

Two parts realism, one part optimism, with a dash of "F*** You!"

Take a heavy dose of realism about the national scene. Unless Texas and Oklahoma start forming their own countries, why bang your head about Obama-this and Obama-that. The media wants to obsess on Obama because it suits their needs. Who the hell knows what degree of compromise is needed to appease the monkey brain of this country, but I know that it will never be satisfactory to us, like minded progressive, hypocrisy haters. Why even speculate when the results are often so easily predictable?

Take another dose of realism about our media brigade…we at the Reefercake household are taking the plunge and cancelling the cable TV…I am embarrassed to say that we were paying $120 a month to be force fed vomit. We are keeping our internet which is $60, and we are going to squeeze as much goodness out of those tubes as we possibly can…I am even looking into streaming sports online…or spending the extra $120 on a special chicken wings and beer fund for watching sports at the bar.

Here is one part optimism. You are more likely to find the positive change that you seek closer to home, friends, family, local politics, helping the little old lady next door, volunteering to coach your kids soccer team, or running a kick ass blog that shreds through the hypocrisy to present the real. Be the change you want to see.

And a dash of “F*** You!” Just because I am keeping it real doesn't mean I don't still hate hypocrisy, and still enjoy ridiculing it and exposing it with great contempt. Damn those hypocrites!!

Please take a look at our latest poll and speak your mind…all answers are correct around here. Glass half empty or half full? Ying or yang?

Tough Choices Ahead, G Class or AMG Roadster?

Not taking to lame duck status very well, Grayson continues to put things into perspective like only he can. His take on the debate about continuing the failed “trickle down economics” experiment? He wants us to make suggestions to the richest 2% on how to spend their additional $83,000 next year if the Bush cuts are extended for them.

Submit your ideas!

Go Away. Why Weren’t You There?

My Friends, those blessed/cursed with the vision to see the hypocralypse unfold before us, please remind your colleagues of these simple facts as you congregate by the water cooler or belly up to the bar:

1. Drill Baby Drill.

2. Limit Corporate Liability.

3. Let Them Regulate Themselves, Though Limited Liability Takes Away any Natural Incentive.

4. Orgy and Snort Coke…That Is What the MMS Is Good For.

5. Fuck Regulations and Good Practice, This is the W Administration!

6. Now That Our Reckless Behavior Has Ruined Thousands, Maybe Hundreds of Thousands of Lives, BLAME IT ON OBAMA!

Its His Katrina…Right.  We Want Small Government, Except Now, When We Need Them To….


Fuck You Jindal

H.R. 4789

Alan Mother-Fucking Grayson…

Will somebody please put this man in charge??? Can you imagine if this had been the health care plan that Democrats were pimping from the get-go? All the bullshit fretting and hand-wringing and, quite frankly, republican empowerment we could have avoided. But instead, Democrats act like Republicans, Republicans hypocritically demonize them for doing their dirty work, and the rest of us get disgusted and turn off politics. You’d think that the Democratic Party would somehow cease to exist if the insurance/drug company money suddenly dried up.



Tom Mother-Fucking Tomorrow

Embrace Failure Open Thread

I tried to watch some of the Health Care Summit on teevee yesterday, but it was fairly unwatchable, not least because of the cable channels. It wasn’t on C-SPAN – later I learned they buried it on C-SPAN3 (seriously? not even 2?) – so I landed on CNN, who managed to cut away to their gasbags every time one of the non-leadership Democrats started to speak. Then at the break they told me that what I was seeing from Republicans was “an honest difference of opinion”.

Anyway, this is a nice compendium of the things I missed thanks to commercials and Wolf’s talking beard. I must say, I did not know Rochester’s Louise Slaughter was a suthna.

And just as a side note to the whole stupid idea of this summit, which seems to be nothing more than a prelude to using reconciliation (aka majority rule) to pass healthcare reform – can you imagine if republicans felt the need to do the same thing prior to passing the tax cuts? The average person has no idea those things passed with a mere majority vote. Furthermore, nobody gives a shit! Just Pass The Damn Bill!

Update: See also, Greg Sargent

More Class Warfare Please

Oregon voters pass tax increasing measures by big margin

Oregon voters bucked decades of anti-tax and anti-Salem sentiment Tuesday, raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy to prevent further erosion of public schools and other state services.

The tax measures passed easily, with late returns showing a 54 percent to 46 percent ratio. Measure 66 raises taxes on households with taxable income above $250,000, and Measure 67 sets higher minimum taxes on corporations and increases the tax rate on upper-level profits.

This kind of thing needs more attention.  It’s true, after all, that some people are a drain on society.  And those people are called “fat cats”, draining the average citizen of their hard-earned dollars.  We’re long past due as a society to level the playing field.  It’s shocking how much more responsible Oregon is compared to their dysfunctional neighbors, California, where they require 2/3 majority in the state legislature to approve tax increases (making the senate filibuster rules seem sane by comparison).  Guess who bears the brunt there?

Then of course there is South Carolina, where the Lt. Governor recently said this:

My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that. And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know any better

You stay classy, South Carolina!

Franken v. Thune

Here is some quality Senatorialization on the part of Al Franken today….  As you watch this, keep in mind that Sen. Thune is being groomed as the Republican Obama of 2012 – the young, handsome senator with no record and no baggage, on whose persona the teabaggers of America can project all their hopes and dreams…

Republican congressmen are worthless.  Smack ’em down!


What’s our option?

The health care negotiations are a truly sad spectacle.  As the kabuki theater in the senate winds down, it’s worth remembering a few things:

  • With only 40 votes, there is no threat of a republican filibuster
  • A bill without a public option is a crappy bill
  • The “public option” is not even a true progressive policy – it is merely a compromise to single-payer
  • Democrats are corporate whores

It’s fascinating to watch the political dysfunction unfold these days.  Democrats propose bills chock full of republican policy ideas (individual insurance mandates, cap and trade, etc) only to get zero republican votes in return.  So why keep trying to pass this garbage?

It’s because they want to.  The mask is coming off.  Corporate whores.

Matt Taibbi has more.

I’m personally of the opinion that our main problem lay with the fact that the Democratic Party as currently constituted is more afraid of losing the financial support of Wall Street and the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry than it is of losing progressive voters. In fact, I think I’ve put that wrong, because it implies that the Democratic Party pushes the agenda of industry insiders out of fear. That is a misread of the situation, I think.


Reid pulls the trigger, sez whiny bitches can opt-out…