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Time For Regime Change In Saudi Arabia

By Joseph Ballin 5/21/2017 10:37 AM EST

Make no mistake, it is not a coincidence that the same day Trump went off to Saudi Arabia to sign a 110 billion dollar arms deal with them, along with talks about establishing a Sunni “NATO”, he bombed Assad’s forces in Syria. You could say in a lot of ways David Frum was right about the axis of evil, except for the part of the axis being Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. The axis of evil is the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, with the United Kingdom acting as America’s lieutenant.

In order to understand America’s slavish relationship with Saudi Arabia you need to know the history behind it. One of the most interesting facts about Saudi Arabia’s history is that of all of the lands conquered by European, American, Turkish, and Japanese colonialists, the middle part of Saudi Arabia was never colonized. So this area of Saudi Arabia, called Nejd, which avoided largely falling under foreign control, saw the birth in the 18th century of a revivalist movement called Wahhabism.

Flash forward to the 20th century. Starting in 1902, the House of Saud is waging a war to throw the Ottomans out of Arabia. The House of Saud and British struck a deal with each other. Saudis would get control of the holy cities from the Ottomans, in exchange the British would colonize the rest of the middle east. The foreign policy goal of the British and later Americans in the middle east is crushing secular Arab nationalism and socialism in favor of supporting conservative Islamists. The only exception to this rule was Islamic Republic of Iran, only because their country is Shia Islam. The reason for this was because America, the British, and Saudis knew that if the entire Arab world united under into a single giant super state that nationalized the oil for themselves, threw out the imperialists, and united all Arabs regardless of religious belief would mean that they couldn’t exploit the middle east anymore.

Fast forward to 2017, Trump is giving a massive speech today in Saudi Arabia about unavailing a Sunni “NATO” for the middle east. The one core thing connecting all of Trump’s cabinet picks was their hate of Islam and Iran. My predictions about Trump’s foreign policy was that he would largely continue Obama’s foreign policy of Syria, bogging down Syrian, Russia, Hezbollah and others fighting in Syria while America finds ways of undermining, but not ripping up the Iran deal. The one thing in Syria he has done that Obama didn’t was attacking Assad, showing he is even more in bed with the neocons than even Obama. You see this already with the recent sanctions on Iran, along with the travel ban. Fascist Trump is clearly preparing for a war with Iran and for good reason. He’s facing impeachment and his approval ratings are the lowest of any president ever polled.

However I still think the same events happening now would have also happened under a Hillary Clinton presidency, at least in foreign policy. The one key factor about US presidencies is that no matter what changes, relations with Israel and Saudi Arabia never change. That is the true deep state. Until the Saudi AIPAC control over US foreign policy is crushed forever we can never hope of any real change.



This is just a note to let you all know, all the hypocrisy is not dead, not even close, those hypocritical bastards in the media and government haven't taken a break either, but it is August, and we just don't got the time to document it all. Let me say this, the other day I listened to Hannity because I have a bad habit of doing this when I am driving alone, and he told an outright lie every 3 minutes. His entire case sits on the foundation which is the lie that Obama's policies are the reason for the economic slowdown….my goodness, all those radical liberal policies have kicked in quickly, and here I was wondering when he was going to do something really progressive!! Then this potato-headed douche goes into his explanation of why 1 in 5 Americans think Obama is a Muslim. The insanity of Hannity is so deep. Hannity explained that “Americans aren't stupid” and went into a list of lies about policies that would make Obama appear to be Muslim, even though Hannity says “I take him at his word that he believes in 'black liberation theology'” That's it, fat head, fuel the racism….according to Hannity it seems that the Christian way is to be a war monger. Pretty simple, either join the righteous Christian holy crusade against Muslims, or you are one of them. Listening to this bizarre logic splattered with outright lies makes me want to punch Hannity in the face. He really should be punched in the face, but lets do this fair. Get in the ring Hannity, Reefercake is ready and willing to face you and knock you the fuck out. Of course, Hannity with all his tough talk, is too much of a pansy to try waterboarding like he said he would….no suprise, just another lie, another day at the office for this fat headed barking beast.

Speaking of getting in the ring, here is a nice example of Hannity trying to continue with his lies, but this time he has someone who can actually correct him, with enough testosterone to slow him down in between lies, that is our friend, Jesse the friggin Body Ventura….I never thought we would have to rely on former WWF wrestlers, but Jesse got 'er done real good.

And this just for fun…