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Who are the people in your neighborhood?

This post goes out to Dick Vinegar, who complains that we don’t devote enough coverage to people of color. Also, because he is a man who appreciates this:

What started out as a penis extension turned into three extra testicles, butt implants, chest implants, and more alterations to his penis, including a spike through it fastened by two rings the size of silver dollars. 

Did I mention this guy is 67, retired from Baltimore’s City Planning Department, and on the verge of completing a full body tatoo which has been a lifetime in the making?

Hall believes once he finishes up a few more tattoo appointments (mostly to cover the rest of his hands and feet) he will be one of two fully tattooed people in the world, the other being New Zealand-born Lucky Diamond Rich. At the very least, Hall says, no one has just one tattoo–not a series of images, but one continuous design, which is asymmetrical to boot, he adds proudly. Thanks to the color and the swirling, bending nature of the design, Hall has redubbed himself “bluecomma.”

Wouldn’t you know it, there’s video… (warning, graphic!)

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