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Best of the Left

The call your mama, obama got osama clip was used in the “Best of the Left Podcast”

By the way, this “Best of the Left Podcast” is a pretty darn good podcast!!

Talked to Sammy at today. Man, that guy is a tough cookie. He could use some time on the golf course with JR. The whole thing is pretty funny, and as far as I know, good radio is good drama…and the lines between reality and acting become hard to find…anyway, cheers! BEST of the left…..the BEST!!!

Sam Seder: Unbought, Unbossed, but Quite Bossy

I guess my Obama got Osama song got a lot of hits, because all the sudden Sam Seder wants to stay on top of my every move.
Looks like he wants the exclusive release on every Friday all to himself.

Here is a more comprehensive list of his demands and critiques:

Sam did not appreciate the repeat on the Obama got Osama lyrical theme and recycled baseline.
My response: Obama’s assassination of Osama was repeatedly referred to on the Majority Report during this same week. Also, keep in mind that I am given only 60 seconds each week, so I feel it is reasonable to stretch out the song over a few weeks. Later on I will be able to create full songs by combining weeks and adding a bridge here or there.

Sam wants the song to be a “roundup of the week in news”
My response: I prefer to think of the song as more of a weekly conversation about the news but also about life in general. The end product will be more creative, and less of a nerdy exercise in summarizing a bunch of shit. I say shit because I think that most of the news is shit, and what we need more is a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the people and processes that drive our decisions. Thats one of the big problems with our instant news culture, we don’t step back and see the big picture.

Sam suggested I stop “hitting the bong”.
I misheard this when I was on the phone with him at the golf course. I thought he said I was going to be “hit with a bomb”, if my song from next week was not up to his standard…or something about my song bombing. This is the kind of fear that Sam imposes on his underlings (kidding)…but as far as the bong, those things get so dirty, haven’t used one for years (true)…

The final question is this….will Jimmy Reefercake be turned into Jimmy Rosencake, succumbing to the will of Sam’s iron fist, or will Jimmy take the path less traveled by speaking truth to power!? On a related note…will Sam offer anything in return for this exclusive release?

Here is the clip of Sam talking about the controversy with Chris Rosen from @42inchtv

You better tune in and twitter up @majorityfm and @JimmyReefercake

“No Drama Obama got Osama” Pre-release Party

Why make Thursdays the day when I hold a pre-release party, right here at all the hypocrisy dot com? First and foremost, the pre-release forces me to get the song out, so I stop tinkering. There is only so much tinkering that ever amounts to anything, like Bill O’Reilly says, “fuck it, I’ll do it live!!!”

Besides, this gets it out of the way, and perhaps gives folks a little reward for checking out this web site. We still look forward in great anticipation of Sammy’s favorable review on the show tomorrow at

Here is this week’s song

quick song no drama obama got osama

lyrics to “No Drama Obama got Osama”

The goal is keeping terrorism calmer,
So there wasn’t no drama when obama got osama,
But when you celebrate, don’t do it with hate,
Do it ‘cause you think the USA is great.

Party down with some beer or marijuana,
There wasn’t no drama, when obama got osama,
Right wing wants more gore, left wing wants a trial,
President Obama staying cool all the while,

The goal is keeping terrorism calmer,
So there wasn’t no drama when obama got osama,
So I’m tweeting this out to all you tweet twiddly doos
Shout out to all my followers, Cat chew, look atchoo

avant, kyleshank, alex, longshoremaniam,
gottalaff, ayejonny of course majority dot FM,
don’t you all mind me smoking weed like a chimney.
you don’t got to smoke nothing just enjoy yourself some jimmy,

also features a bonus round, where I delve into Return of the Jedi scenes of celebrating ewoks as well as the apparition of Annikan…who is in fact Darth Vader…there are lessons to be learned.

written and produced by Jimmy Reefercake
M. Uila on the Bass

feel free to use the song in your radio shows, podcasts and videos, as long as you give credit, including a reference to this site which is the source of the mp3 file….


Call Your Mama ‘Cause Obama Got Osama

I can’t hold this one back anymore….the awesomeness is so pure….so lets start the pre-release party here at all the hypocrisy dot com. This was set to officially release tomorrow, but the timing of events, I think that Sammy might decide to play this one a day early. After all, it is Mother’s day this weekend, and Cinquo de Mayo today, so I am going to call this week a wrap. Enjoy!

Call Your Mama ‘Cause Obama Got Osama

Here are the lyrics:

call your mama cuz obama got osama,
And I’m celebratin’ with some marijuana,
So smoke a joint Special Operations Command,
They found Osama’s crib in Pakistan,
Better call your mama cuz obama got osama,
Two bullets in his head, now there ain’t no drama,

But I got myself a boy, who’s only seven,
had to tell him the whole story of nine eleven,
Now that obama killed osama, singing yes we can,
Proves that dubbya was a dummy, but Obama’s the man,

My boy said “so what”, and shook his head,
He said,” isn’t that just another person dead?”
So call your mama, but don’t be hatin’,
Its mothers day that we be celebratin’,
We care for all mankind, to hell with revenge,
This is Jimmy Reefercake on majority dot FM.

My First “Quick Song” on the Majority Report

It might also be called the week in review, but for now I’ll just call it a “quick song” which is also the name of the baseline that Uila and I would jam to way back in the day….ah yes, in the future maybe I’ll add some of those vintage style guitar solo, but the time being so short (60 seconds) I focused all the effort on lyrical genius. All in all, it was well received, with the only comment being a desire for more news content. Most importantly, the desire for a song every week is clear. From now on every friday will be a casual Reefercake friday at the

Here is the permalink to todays show. My God, I am awesome. Great job on the bass, Uila. All is well with the world.

I forgot the best part – here is the first quick song

The Week in Song with Jimmy Reefercake

I have to tell you all that this week the Reefercake is burning the J at both ends…in other words I am “straight up” with work, and a bunch of other crap. But I am looking forward to seeing some old friends on an upcoming trip, so I should quit my complaining. Not only that, I had a chance to catch some of the Majority Report IM session today and the masses of IMers started demanding that I have a weekly song that rounds up the news. Sammy set some ground rules…90 seconds, and I can only mention my name, “Jimmy Reefercake” once per 60 seconds. So I guess I could say Jimmy twice and Reefercake once, if my calculations are correct.

Anyhow, I said I was up to the challenge…sounds like we will be rolling withing a month or so.

Janeane Garofalo: Smoky Warrior Princess

Janeane Garofalo is a legendary warrior in the fight against hypocrisy. She fantastic and brilliant, but dang nabbit she likes her smokes. Listen to that thick cough a rumblin’.

I asked her whether or not she smokes the reefer, and whether she believes that legalization is the first step to freedom. She gives an answer that will blow your friggin’ mind. Listen here

Chris Rosen Movie Picks on the Majority Report

I’ll be posting this one every week. I did the friggin’ theme song! It sets the tone for the weekly Sam Seder Chris Rosen bit. Sammy give Chris a hard time for sitting around watching movies all day oblivious to the real concerns of the world. Sammy once called it “beating the dog”. This week the dog bites back by not watching Sammy’s movie “Who’s the Caboose?”.