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Reefer Madness

This is the song…damn I was sweating this morning putting that lead on!! …yeah, it sounds pretty darn good, thanks for the good review from Sam Seder “get your dick HAAAAHHD” at I need to listen to the whole show tonight, you all go and get yourself the podcast, ya hear!! … the post show sammy talks about the latest in pot stories, namely it sounds like this bitch is heading to court. the PEOPLE”S COURT!!!

Totally insane, totally free download, right here!


Jimmy Reefercake Live at Netroots Nation

That was going to be the headline…thursday our beloved Anthony Weiner resigned and fresh off the presses, I craft another Reefercake release and “DO IT LIVE!!” at Netroots Nation. But Sammy was unable to deliver. Four days late and a dollar pizza slice short he delivers my song with a downer intro…and acts like I am the one obsessing on penises.

Lets face it, everybody obsesses on penises or vaginae or some variation of the two. That’s right folks, I said vaginae. Spellcheck has informed me that vaginas is not a word. Vaginae.

By the way, I love Al Franken. Remember how nice he was to the guy who wrote shitty songs for him!?! Sorry if I twittered my weiner too many times….but it is an addiction. Here’s the song.

don’t twitter your weiner

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!! Golf course is calling….might be a few less releases, I proved my point, we can rock out quality songs week after week…but

I ain’t seen shit in the donation can,
I better make myself a new biznass plan.

Twitter Your Weiner

Come on boys and girls, “Twitter Your Weiner” its the latest new craze. All the kids are way into it and there is a far out dance that goes along with it. The boys do the dance, pulsate the groin while simulating taking a picture of your crotch. Do the dance! But don’t take off the clothes. We at all the hypocrisy dot com wouldn’t promote such behavior. Keep that one eyed monster in the sweatpants! Here is the free MP3 download of the song!
Twitter your Weiner (1)

Would I have ruthlessly mocked Anthony Weiner for twittering his wiener, regardless of the lack of balls for his stance on Marijuana? Probably. I still don’t think he should be forced to resign. However, he should be forced to twitter a picture of himself to us all in diapers as a tribute to Dave Vitter.

Double Shot Friday at “Medicare Can” and “Penis in His Pants”

It was a banner week, showcasing 2, thats right, TWO, new songs of the week on and here is the permalink to the show so you can hear the high praise from Sammy crew and listeners. Hell, make that a triple shot because the Majority Screamers chipped in with another hilarious and catchy diddy. You can listen to the show, its good stuff.

And so as not to be outdone by the business insider, or I should say courtesy of the business insider, here is a link to the picture of the weiner in question. Is that a dick in those sweatpants or are you just happy to see me? Anthony Weiner that bulge in your pants is riDICKulous!

And as always, here are the totally free totally insane mp3s for you listening please.

medicare can

Penis in his pants-mono