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The Jim Lahey Shitism Song

this song is in honor of Canadian actor John Dunsworth, who played Mr. Lahey from the Trailer Park Boys. RIP, John.
Its called “The Jim Lahey Shitism Song”
Cops and dope don’t mix, do they Mr. Lahey?
Like shit and strawberry shortcake Randy
Do you feel that boy? The way the shit clings to the air.
Shit blizzards coming

Hear that? That’s the sounds of the whispering winds of shit.

Plant shit seeds, get shit weeds

Shit puppets

ATH Reaction Debate Me Michael Brooks


ATH Reaction Debate Me Michael Brooks

Happy Easter! Reefercake reaction to the reaction to “Debate Me”.

ATH Podcast Reefercake Reaction – Blame it on Trump

I react to Michael Brooks’s reaction to my song “Same Old Crap (Blame it on Trump)”

I challenge Micheal to debate me…..ATH 4-13-17 Reefercake Reaction

Same old Crap (Blame it on Trump)

Its the same old crap in the news, yeah!
Notice a common theme: the poor folks always lose.
I know you want to blame it all on the big bad trumpster,
I’m sorry but I don’t beleive that he’s the only monster,
Hillary should have listened, to what I said we need,
fuck ALL these polticians if they won’t legalize the weed,
like obama could have easily done through executive order.
God bless you obama! you handsome hypocrite
Lets rewrite history so Trump gets blamed for all of it!
Drone strikes, Blame it on Trump!
runaway CIA  Blame it on Trump!
Marijuana still on the schedule 1? Blame it on Trump!
Will Trump raid medicinal providers the way Barack has already done?
Will Sessions throw them all in jail, every single one?
Can’t you see, its the same old crap, then they go on and blame it on trump but they could have avoided this whole mess by electing good folks like Bernie who support legalization unlike that lying hypocrite Hillary, but you go on and blame it on the russians, and the racists, and the greens party and the Jimmy Dore and the libertarians, and the BErnie Bros, and of course me, the jimmy reefercakes

Put Your Faith in a Plant

They told you Hillary Clinton would defeat any old republican, and I told you she can’t, I put my faith in a plant. cus everyone knows she’s a liar, and she’ll set the whole democratic party on fire,

Now they put their faith in potiticians again, I don’t understand, I put my faith in a plant. legalize weed and do it today, grow some weed like friggin hay. And yet you put your faith in poltiticians, and you want to do it again…I say , put your faith in a plant.

ATH 3-6-17 Ronald Raygun

It was a delight to have Ronald Raygun, aka Stephen Robbins and work through some of my issues with regard to the perceived arrogance of Micheal Brooks, and my own obvious arrogance. I will admit that I believe I am smarter than Micheal Brooks on most issues especially the political implications of the Russia issue on the Democratic Party. Ronald suggested a three way podcast with Micheal, stay tuned….maybe Mikey will grow a pair of testicles and join us someday?

ATH 3-6-17 Ronald Raygun

Just Laugh

What’s the appropriate reaction to the rise of Donald trump today?
Should I be angry or sad, or should I just laugh it all away?
And Bernie Sanders with all those great ideas for tomorrow
If Hillary wins with her mind control, will I drown myself in sorrow?
I’ll Drink pitchers of beer, and stuff my face at the local pizzeria,
I’ll get so worked up about the Clinton machine that it will give me diarrhea,
I’ll get so depressed about Donald Trump and his racist rants,
I’ll get in a fight with some meatheads and probably piss my pants.
Diarrhea and pissing my pants, that’s what the future holds,
Crying and cussing and bitching, as the end of the world unfolds,
But these negative thoughts are filling my mind and there’s only so much space,
So on second thought, I’ll just laugh it off, and keep a smile on my face,

Penises are important today

comparing penis sizes like we did in back in school,
Like a bunch of teenage boys just acting like a fool,
why even have elections, why even have debates?
Have the dude with the biggest schlong be the candidate,
yeah republicans, when you cast your vote
of Length and girth you better take note.
when you choose the candidate who represents you,
remember to consider the volume of their spew.
because penises are so important today.
the sense of impending doom is killing me,
As the democrats rig this thing for Hillary,
secret Emails, the TPP, she is so of full holes,
Trump will schlong her big time, at least that’s what I’m told.
yeah republicans, when you cast your vote
of Length and girth you better take note.
when you choose the candidate who represents you,
remember to consider the volume of their spew.
because penises are so important today.

Andy Kindler Theme Song

With a Jew like Andy Kindler, you can’t go wrong,
His ancestors wrote The God Bless America song,
A true Obamabot, Andy believes Obama can never be wrong.

Andy Kindler!!! Dot Com!
You made me laugh so hard that I made you your own theme song!
Thats, Andy Kindler!

Andy Kindler

ATH Podcast 3-3-14: O’Changs Part 1- STAHMAGEDDON!

Part 1 of the O’chang podcast….Hanji and Atom were absolutely awesome guests, and we were able to interview them the night after their wicked awesome STAHMAGEDDON release party up there in Rockland. This is what podcasting is all about. We had a bit of a release party of our own with them down here in southern Maine.

3-2-14 Ochang Part 1

There is a lot more where this came from, so you may as well call this the O’chang podcast for the next couple weeks. Get into the culture of Maine and has some fun with the Ochangs!!