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DNC Fraud Lawsuit, most important lawsuit in the nation’s history

By Joseph Ballin

While a TYT panel dismissed this and a certain MR co-host called it “boring”, there is nothing more important and vital to our nation’s survival as a somewhat quasi democratic representative republic than our fundamental right to vote. I like millions of Americans registered Democrat (and shortly afterwords back to independent) in order to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. However, what me and millions of other Americans didn’t realize was our votes didn’t mean jack shit cause the DNC had rigged the primary years in advance for Hillary. Oh sure Hillary didn’t win in 2008, but that was only cause Obama was just as much as a DNC insider as Hillary and both had a compromise allow Hillary to be Secretary of State and to be the nominee in 2016.

Fast forward to 2017, and the DNC rigged another race, this time for their boy Tom Perez, another Clinton loyalist, for the chairmanship of the DNC.  I supported Sam Ronan in that race, but others thought Keith Ellison would have been a better choice. Either way both are light years better than Perez. But the gravy train must keep on rolling at the DNC.

Let’s take exit polling disparities.  Keep in mind exit polls were used as justification by the American empire to overthrow the democratically elected president of Ukraine and install right wing forces pandering to Nazis. According to Richard Charnin, 11 of 26 exit polls exceeded the margin of error for Sanders, while 24 of 26 exit polls shifted to Clinton in the vote . The exit polling got so bad that they stopped doing exit polls in May, meaning Kentucky, Oregon, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and District of Columbia had not exit poll results.

And that’s not even covering that other fraud, the super delegates, denying millions of independent and other parties from voting in the Democratic primary, the throwing off of thousands of Brooklyn voters, stealing Nevada delegates from Sanders, Bill Clinton closing down a voting station in Massachusetts, anointing Hillary the winner the day before the CA primary, and I haven’t even touched the DNC emails.

This is stuff straight out of a banana republic. Until we fix our voting process we will never be free of people like Clinton or Trump (the pied piper candidate the DNC/Clinton promoted because they thought he would be “easy” to beat). In the DNC Fraud lawsuit, Bruce Spiva, lawyer for the DNC, stated that “We could have voluntarily decided that, ‘Look, we’re gonna go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way,’” So what Bruce is saying is your vote doesn’t mean jack shit and the DNC charter isn’t worth the paper to whip your ass with. We need to expose corrupt people like DWS and Donna Brazile for the lying frauds. This why the DNC lawsuit is so vital to our democracy and I thank people like Tim Black, H. A. Goodman, Jimmy Dore, and others for covering this. Also special thanks to Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee Beck for pushing this case. We cannot win in 2020 with a Tulsi Gabbard or a Nina Turner or a Bernie Sanders if the voting system is rigged against them.


The Democratic Primaries: No more exit polls; Kentucky and Oregon recap




Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

First of all facebook is pretty evil. It reduces everyone to quick bites of what is on your mind instead of the full hearty meal that a blog like ATH provides. A facebook status post of “what is on your mind” comes down to a sentences or two at best. The only things that really gain any traction in such a limited format are pop culture references or just randomly funny statements “keep f@cking that chicken”. Or in Dick Vinegar’s case the location and beverage on his weekly summer vacation. But the real danger of facebook is in the lost man hours due to snooping around at pictures of acquaintances and old friends. Clicking…looking…clicking… (allright, I may have spent 1/2 hour writing this blog, but at least I have somehting to show for it for crying out loud!!)

On the other hand for sharing pics and vids of the kiddies facebook is real nice. Facebook also has some cool features, one of which is the ability to create a poll. This is the first one I have put together- Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

So far most people agree with me that Glenn Beck is more evil. Please take the poll to ensure the opposition is crushed.

I randomly typed in Glenn Beck is Evil into youtube and here comes this gem below. Notice what an absolute lying hypocrite this guy is!! And what is more evil than pure hypocrisy?

Then you have Glenn Danzig. Outwardly evil, sure, he is a bit violent in the typical macho-man mold, and sure, his songs refer sex, and even….Satan? Check out the clip below…it begins with a hilarious account of Danzig’s grocery list…and ends with the famous clip of him getting knocked out while arguing with a roadie at a show. The grocery list is just a bonus here.

Lets give Danzig one more chance to beat out Beck for the evil crown. Check out this super evil spooky danzig interview-

And here are some really drunk Danzig fans.

We’ve seen a lot about Glenn Beck fans in the previous post on the 9-12 march. The scary thing about Glenn Beck fans is I do not believe they are drunk.

So tell me my friends…Who is More Evil…Glenn Beck or Glenn Danzig?

Retail Politics

First off, don’t know why, but Pinky’s Gravalicious post consistently generates the most comment spam for this site.  It must be linked somewhere out there on the edge of the internets where the spambots run wild and free, but hell if I can find it.

What’s that you say, gentle reader?  “Who gives a hot shit?”

That’s fine, I have more.  Turns out that the CEO of Whole Foods, the upscale grocery chain that You’re Not Good Enough to shop in, is a major league libertarian douche bag.  His offense?  Penning an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal deriding the health care reform bills that are moving through Congress.

While we clearly need health-care reform, the last thing our country needs is a massive new health-care entitlement that will create hundreds of billions of dollars of new unfunded deficits and move us much closer to a government takeover of our health-care system. Instead, we should be trying to achieve reforms by moving in the opposite direction—toward less government control and more individual empowerment.

So this guy, John Mackey, goes on to list several eminently reasonable-sounding steps that should be taken instead.  Some are actually good (repeal state laws that forbid competition across state lines – though I don’t even want to know how wildly difficult that would be to achieve), others just plain suck (high deductible plans that force employees to pay the first $2500 of all annual medical bills out of pocket – so it will be spent more carefully!  How much do his baggers make anyway?).  I won’t bother breaking it all down.  Here are the salient points to take away:

  • Though he doesn’t spell it out explicitly in the article, dude opposes employee mandates and the public option.  Without either one of those, there is no real healthcare reform.
  • Where was this piece six months ago?  The healthcare reform bills are already written (save for one). This article should be regarded as the proverbial turd in the punchbowl.  He’s trying to scuttle reform, for which we only get one chance every 20 years.
  • Whole Foods Market, for all its organic over-priced pretension, presumably benefits from some perceived hippie chic among progressives, with whom Mackey is no-doubt trying to leverage his obstructionist arguments.  Man, fuck your arugula!
  • The Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page is a cesspool of rabid right-wing corporate opportunism.  You better write something special if you want to overcome that shame.
  • This is not the first time Mackey has dabbled in right-wing politics.  He’s a major opponent of the pending Employee Free Choice Act legislation, and is a notorious opponent of unions, having compared them to herpes.

Getting back to the article, Mackey lures in the reader with his alterna-plan, then goes on a rant about our basic “rights” as Americans:

Many promoters of health-care reform believe that people have an intrinsic ethical right to health care—to equal access to doctors, medicines and hospitals. While all of us empathize with those who are sick, how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?

Health care is a service that we all need, but just like food and shelter it is best provided through voluntary and mutually beneficial market exchanges. A careful reading of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will not reveal any intrinsic right to health care, food or shelter. That’s because there isn’t any. This “right” has never existed in America.

Put him in the pork products and mark it for sale, because this swine is starting to stink!  And it smells like… BOYCOTT!  (7200 Facebook members when I last checked, how bout it, Jimmy?)  We spend a fair amount of money at Whole Foods, if only because it’s so close to our house, but honestly, they can suck it for all I care.  Just STFU and sell your fish oils for crying out loud!

For those like me who’ll need a new source for the elusive bag of organic potatoestristero provides links to an organic store locator, as well as the Eat Well Guide, where you can look up farmer’s markets, restaurants, etc.

On a related note, here’s Stephen Colbert on the power of the American consumer.

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UPDATE: Dueling Op-Eds!  Here’s Obama with the pro-reform argument in the NY Times.

Mayonnaise Malaise

Now you all can see the world through my eyes and know why I cringe at the sight of mayonnaise. Also some exposed Sarkozy hypocrisy and the Snuggie “for her”….

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And that same episode, Glenn Beck serves up some more crazy. Wasn’t this Scheuer character touted as some kind of hero a few years ago for exposing all the short comings of the CIA before the 9/11 attacks?

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The Yeast of the Pharisees

It may not be my decision to cast them into the fiery pit, but I think that chances are every single damned one of these conservative talk cry-babies who keeps blocking our country from making the logical step forward is going to the deepest part of hell that you can imagine. They are hurting people. They are profiting from it. They are the “the yeast of the Pharisees” spreading their bacteria, multiplying this demented pile of scum that is so retarded, so arrogant that they suck up to the private healthcare leeches that are sucking us dry. Sucking us DRY!

So here’s a shot of penicilin, coming right at you from all the hypocrisy. Listen to this evil, evil, man who calls himself Glenn Beck. He is off his rocker, and just imagine the pathetic dimwits who have been infected by his yeast, just imagine how messed up in the head they are.

Listen to the Hitler-style maniacal yelling and realize this man Beck is using the same bag of tricks. Understand that the human brain is wired for stories, not facts…at one point Beck says…”where do you read in the story that…” Stories, not facts. Its a freak show.

Would you like some more tea, Polly Prissy Pants?

Truth be told, I hate these damn media clips. They’re not fun, they feature humorless assholes who you’d rather pretend don’t exist, and if you think about them too much you mostly just want to weep for the future of America. That said…

Cramer seems like a fun guy. He likes being a loud mouth, but you can tell he really craves approval… he wants to be loved, and it kills him to be ridiculed. (Scarborough on the other hand – not so much. His enormous ego gives him all the love he’ll ever need). But these guys have the nerve to sit there and complain about being under the “comedian’s” microscope, when the reality is, Cramer isn’t being ridiculed about being laughably, utterly, terribly wrong about the stock market – it’s because he’s spent the last month carrying on about Obama the , wealth-destroying scourge of American markets. In the clip above, he’s right: everybody, including you, got it wrong when it came to the market. But that just means it’s time to put your tail between your legs and shut the fuck up.

Besides, the Jon Stewart episode was glorious…

While I’m at it, Colbert’s continued send-up of Glenn Beck…

Last fair deal in the country

While on the subject of the America-hating Noise Machine (this started as a comment, but got so long I decided to bump it to a new post):

– Glenn Beck continues to use Fox News as his platform to fantasize about violent overthrow of the government, going so far as to bring on retired CIA and military officers…

They discuss a coming “civil war” led by American “Bubba” militias — Beck says he “believes we’re on this road” — and they contemplate whether the U.S. military would follow the President’s orders to subdue civil unrest or would instead join with “the people” in defense of their Constitutional rights against the Government (they agree that the U.S. military would be with “the people”)

This clown Beck really thinks he represents “the resistance”.

– Here’s Hannity’s webpage with a poll up asking “what form of armed revolt do you prefer? A) Military Coup, B) Armed Rebellion, or C) War for Secession…

Fox needs to pull the plug on this garbage. Things are bad in enough in the world as it is without these idiots glorifying civil unrest.

– Finally, I lifted that last link from another great post by Digby that deconstructs the right-wing political/media agenda:

[Bill Kristol] is arguing that Roosevelt should have been obstructed in 1933, so the scope of the [current] crisis doesn’t affect his view and the size of the [electoral] mandate is obviously irrelevant. He simply seeks to find a way to keep the Democrats from achieving anything that the people might see as a positive in their lives. Like Rush Limbaugh, he is openly advocating failure.

Put lipstick on a pig and give it a radio show

Just wanted to give us a nice look at this grade A hypocrite. Glenn describes how he was such a horrible person, until he joined the Mormon church, and God was so pleased that he immediately rewarded him with riches and fame on this earth.

Listened to his radio show a few times. He is just Rush Limbaugh with lipstick. Look at this blubbering jackass. I think that is great that he stopped the drinking and drugs, but I can’t stand how he self righteously proclaims how horrible he was, as if his prior disgusting character gives his new Godly character extra punch. Enough. I kind of respect how Limbaugh is at least a full force right wing jerk, and never gets all mushy about his drug problems. Glenn, maybe you could do a good show about drug and alchohol problems, take calls from addicts and change lives. But you are just another right wing jerk, keeping alive hate and fear, and the end result is driving your listeners to drink.