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Allright, enought of this pansy ass Obama shit, I say we crown Ventura the leader of the anit-hypocrisy movement.  I will follow him to the gates of hell.

What the hell have they done to our country? And all this talk of waterboarding made me recall this all-time great song. The song is so good it makes me sad.

“I can still hear you when you drown.”

“I wish, I wish I could lie
I will, I will try”

Oh Bama Where Art Thou?

I’ve been fuming all week and was going to do a bunch of research, but Greenwald’s post yesterday summed it up perfectly, thanks for linking to that…

This Administration cannot sweep the crimes of the previous administration under the rug, we absolutely must attack every policy and action, we must be open with this process to heal our country and to restore our moral standing and credibility in the world. Photos of detainee abuse have already been released. The cat is out of the bag. If we continue to deny what happened we look like cowards, but worse we lose our moral standing in the world. There is no room for nuance and middle ground – torture, transparency, human rights…these are central to democracy around the world and to the core values of our country for generations.

If we are successful in reversing the direction of the W administration, then history books will put the Military Commissions Act alongside the Alien and Sedition Acts…misguided mistakes that we reversed in short order. We cannot adopt one single aspect of these horrible, hateful, and mindless reactions to terrorism – they must rejected completely or they will continue to fester in the hearts and minds of Americans and we will never recover. This nation will forever have the precedent of the Bush administration to allow the ends to justify the means. Our system of checks and balances will be forever broken, and Nixon/Cheney/Rice will be right – if the president does it then it must be OK.

We need a suite of new legislation that rolls back the abuses of the Bush administration, and we need to prosecute any illegal actions. It should be a no brainer. Partially adopting any of these shameful and ineffective debacles of the previous administration like the military commissions is completely unacceptable. Even if these tactics go un-used, without a complete reversal of this country’s direction in this regard the Obama Administration will be part of that disgrace. You can never cede the moral or philosophical high ground on these issues. If we do not prosecute torturers, we betray the many soldiers who had every right to want to exact revenge and take an eye for an eye, but held themselves to the higher standards espoused by their country.

Voluntary Regulation

This is a really long one, but if you have the time and are interested in the current state of water quality, check out this frontline clip:
Poisoned Waters
Bottom line, it may have been 36 years since creation of the EPA, but in that time we’ve only had two administrations interested in doing anything substantive toward sustainability (‘voluntary regulation’ is the common buzzword throughout each Republican administration), and Bill was pretty much Republican Lite. We’ve done a lot with respect to municipal waste, and are now considering the possible impacts of things we can barely measure like endocrine disruptors, while any industry with some clout hasn’t done a damn thing. So fish keep going belly up with regularity, and while over-fishing is a problem the health of aquatic life in many places is very bleak due to poor waste management practices. Happy belated Earth Day!

We Retort, You Decide

Look, it’s a major news anchor with a soul!

Sadly, the state of our public discourse on torture is so morally bankrupt, that I had to watch this twice to make sure Smith’s outburst was one of disgust for all the moral equivalence at his table, and not because he was in deep denial about the revelations. Nicely done, Shep!

Could this be a “Nixon goes to China” moment, when all the gasbags take stock of themselves and quit parroting the Cheney defense with a straight face?  Or is this the beginning of the end for Shep? All we know for sure is that the torture investigation ball is rolling down hill now and picking up steam. 

Josh Marshall makes the observation that the GOP has become a “Junta Party” in the aftermath of a democratic revolution, whose sole purpose is to defend the previous regime’s barbarous activities. Their latest tactic – to argue that the intelligence obtained from torture was good – is a stunning admission of guilt, and worlds away from Bush’s gutless assertion that “we don’t torture”.

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It’s hard not be disgusted by Peggy Noonan’s wistfull desire to “just keep walking”.  When I see/hear vapid commentary like that, here is how I feel:

To get back to Cheney’s recent claim that there are super-secret unreleased memos that vindicate their actions, this is obfuscation at its finest.  Here’s a great rebuttal from a former FBI interrogator in yesterday’s NYTimes. (I would quote it, but the whole thing deserves to be read. Bottom line – Cheney lies.)

Seems to me the torture apologists are trying to turn this into a debate along the lines of the bombing of Hiroshima – “horrible thing, that – but just had to be done you know…”  Given how atrocious nuclear bombs are in comparison to the torture of a few brown-skin foreigners, and how little collective regret we have as a society over dropping not one, but TWO on Japanese civilian populations, I fear it is an argument that some silver-tongued scum can make.  For now, we all have to be more like Lawrence O’Donnell and call out these Richie Cunningham maggots every chance we get:

* * * * *

P.S. Where have all my fellow Hypocrites gone? Did we break the Publish button? The news has been rife with hypocrisy lately, I almost can’t even begin to tackle it!

Joe Scarborough is Dumber than Joe Sixpack

You’ve probably seen this exchange between Brzezinski and Scarborough on other blogs…

The Israeli Controlled Media

Thankfully, we can see that if you look carefully through the forest of lies, the truth is out there. In the previous post on the slaughter of Palestinians, we discuss the obvious measure of counting the casualties. For even more info, you can read the links in the righteous comments on this post.

As the second frontier, right in the hypocrisy wheelhouse, lets take a critical look at our American Israeli controlled media. Take this yahoo swill for example.

The headline grabs you and makes you think that the Iran government seriously considers supporting suicide bombers. But all you have to do is critically read the article to see that this is not really the case. I guess you need to have really good reading comprehension, and they can rely that most Americans can only catch a soundbite at a time. Because it is clear that the desired effect of the article is to stir up anti-Iran sentiment….and if I had a dime for every time you see the pundits and news people make comments such as this I would be a rich man.

Contrast this with the Arab news.

Funny how the Arabs can get by with simply telling the facts to make their point. Or perhaps all they are doing is giving an unbiased report. Here is the point where the war hawk pundits will say that Arab news is actually terrorist news. Or again with the antisemitism accusations.

All we can do is to keep exposing the hypocrisy. Why is it that Israel leaders think that they are always the victims? Is this the story of the child who was beaten, who grows up to beat their children? Or are the Israelis taking out their aggressions just to feel that they have some power in a chaotic world? Or is it simply the military-media-complex trying to make a buck? Or just another example of people in power who use fear to stay in power? My guess is that the same themes ring true, no matter what country, the same patterns cause this death and doom.

Israeli dead body math

Lets use this yahoo AP swill as the raw data so far.

315 dead (at least 51 civilians)
1400 wounded

Q. How many non-civilians were killed?
A. More than zero and less than 264. Interesting that they did not cite the number of confirmed non-civilians….maybe because that number is closer to zero….maybe they have no clue who they are killing.

Q. Given every person who was wounded or killed in the attack has 10 close friends or family, how many people now have sworn to oppose Israel for the rest of their lives?
A. 17,150 people. Looks like this conflict won’t have a “bitter end” anytime soon….could there be an Israeli military-financial-media-complex at work? Perhaps they make money from death and fear too, familiar story, eh? Keep this money maker going, eh?!?

Q: Most importantly, when the Israelis first attacked, how many people had Hamas rockets killed?

A: So far it seems like zero. Therefore, the ratio of those to kill in retaliation is infinity. Maybe there were some killed or at least injured, because that is the ratio I want to find.   UILA UPDATE:  There was 1 Israeli killed by Hamas rockets.   So we are looking at a 315 to 1 ratio.  By this math, a genocidal kill number of 50,000 Palestinians would only require 159 Israeli deaths. 

Of course, war hawk pundits would say I have crossed the line and start accusing me of antisemitism. Far from it. I am simply trying to apply reason to the cycle of violence. I say the same about US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

War hawk pundits also like to repeat the he said she said lines about recognizing Israel, the right to exist, the whole thing about wiping off the map. Funny how they don’t really vary from those same cherry-picked quotes to get into the meat of the matter….which is stacking up the bodies and seeing who made the highest pile.

Extra credit: I want to see how many the Israelis have killed in the last 10-20 years and stack that up against all the terrorist groups combined have done against Israel. …it must be out there somewhere…

Perp walks please

This is a follow up on previous posts about the torture issue. People who care about this country’s values will be anxiously awaiting the actions of Mr. Holder. The quote from Holder in this article makes me really hopeful that he will bring us our ‘day of reckoning’. It also has some great quotes from several generals who’ve come out against the torture hypocrisy. I’ll post this one from Admiral Hutson because it’s too perfect:

Fundamentally, those kinds of techniques are ineffective. If the goal is to gain actionable intelligence, and it is, and if that’s important, and it is, then we have to use the techniques that are most effective. Torture is the technique of choice of the lazy, stupid and pseudo-tough.

I also can’t wait to see the creatures that inhabit Office of Legal Counsel dragged out of their lair and shoved into a black and white…