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My View on Syria

Why do I listen to news/progressive talk radio? Its boring and most people find it nerdy and annoyingly saturated with the game of politics. I’ve become saturated on the Syria situation. I’d like to compare some the views I have heard on my favorite shows.

The Stephanie Miller Show: Stephanie keeps on framing Syria in terms of Obama is good, republicans are bad. It makes it hard to trust her judgement, or learn anything of interest. She sounds like a simple-minded Obama fan girl. Of course when everything comes around to deciding for no attack, I will join the Obama love fest, but until then, it is extremely annoying.

The Majority Report: Sam Seder is right on with regard to this issue. Bottom line: any attacks are not likely to accomplish the stated goal…and very likely to start an even worse chain reaction of events. Whether it makes us feel better to launch a few missiles is not part of the decision making process. The fantasy that we are going to punish Syria as if they were our child needs to be put to rest.

And I need to include our friend Pat Lamarche, who puts it very clearly Buy President Obama a History Book. While I embrace the idea of Syria giving up its weapons and signing a treaty with Russia, I don’t need to praise Obama’s warlike attitude. No one can know for sure that a treaty would not have occurred regardless of the threats. When the President spins a fantastical world, where the U.S. military acts as the world police outside of the United Nations, he puts our media and citizenry, indeed, our entire culture, in a war stance that we should never be in. Its just more Joe Sixpack brainwashing madness.

Ironically, once again, libertarians and progressives actually agree…at least we know not to believe what we see on TV. This classic Reefercake tune comes to mind.

libertarian paradise

Mental Illness on TV

I heard this “she's not a Christain!” lady audio clip on talk radio. She screams it so viciously that I had to search to see if I could get the context.

Crazy Christian Lady

I though it was going to be funny, but in fact it was so disturbing that I am practically in tears. Totally insane.

At the same time, derangement can be revealing about the nature of our culture. This woman uses the Christian warrior attitude that infests some radical churches, that are equivalent to the bad forces of radical Islam. This woman isn't just crazy, she is scary.

Tired of the Shit Slinging Festival

I'm just tired of the shit slinging festival. I mean it is good to nail the right wing talk machine when they say something really stupid, or do something really horrible, but when something happens that is horrible, I don't like to blame it on anyone. That gives these assholes fuel, and they love it.

The bottom line for me is that once an conspiracy becomes obvious and exposed, as with reefer madness, if the government still does not try to correct these obvious conspiracies, it fuels the fire for even crazier scenarios to play out in the minds of those who are the victims of oppression.

It reminds you of the terrorists from the Middle East, a small group of deranged folks who have a beef with oppression in their homeland. While their beef is legitimate on some levels, the terrorism doesn’t help their cause, it has only led to more mass violence upon their country.

I am always curious to know the motivation of a terrorist , because there is usually something legitimate, that they have overblown in their minds.

In my case I am outraged about the prohibition of reefer. I choose to start a blog about all the hypocrisy. I call talk shows, and IM Sam Seder. I am sane.

For someone who is insane, the prohibition of reefer provides an excuse for them to think really crazy shit and do horrible things. Gun laws need to change.

Anyhow I find this conversation much more interesting than trying to state the obvious about the right wing gun culture. Gun laws need to change. You won't have much success by alienating the gun culture. Yes they are wrong, but having a gun fetish, well, its as natural to some as smoking weed is to me. Let people have their simple pleasure, their right, but if they are known to be crazy motherfuckers, put them on the list, and don't let them have guns. This guy should have been on the list of crazy motherfuckers.

Take care.

Arizona Shooting and Reefer Madness – Podcast

You want a podcast on the Arizona Shooting and how it relates to reefer – You got it!

JR-numero uno-02

allright, its about distrust of government in general. I just think we are getting all worked up and not doing the simple things…posing this question – “if pot was legal would this have happened?” I think this is just as legitimate a question as “if republicans, ie.. Rush, Glenn Beck, would tone down their rhetoric, would this have happened?”

as a matter of fact maybe I should poll this shit and see what you all think….add to list of things to do…

Go Away. Why Weren’t You There?

My Friends, those blessed/cursed with the vision to see the hypocralypse unfold before us, please remind your colleagues of these simple facts as you congregate by the water cooler or belly up to the bar:

1. Drill Baby Drill.

2. Limit Corporate Liability.

3. Let Them Regulate Themselves, Though Limited Liability Takes Away any Natural Incentive.

4. Orgy and Snort Coke…That Is What the MMS Is Good For.

5. Fuck Regulations and Good Practice, This is the W Administration!

6. Now That Our Reckless Behavior Has Ruined Thousands, Maybe Hundreds of Thousands of Lives, BLAME IT ON OBAMA!

Its His Katrina…Right.  We Want Small Government, Except Now, When We Need Them To….


Fuck You Jindal

BP: Beach Police

Everybody needs to read this dispatch from Mother Jones about BP and the beaches.

Welcome to your future, America. Poor people continuously raking the same patch of sand into bags for $10 an hour… not so much to clean the beach as to salvage the oil.

BP needs to be taken down.  It might be time to promote this guy to Secretary of the Interior, so that he can implement his plan to nuke the leak shut. I’m beginning to come around… all the response actions thus far have been about preserving BP’s fucking investment, damn the environmental consequences.  It’s an outrage.

Haiti Earthquake

The poorest people in the western hemisphere got crushed – again.  The 7.0 magnitude was followed by at least a dozen aftershocks, two of which measured 5.5 and 5.9.  Naturally, the epicenter was just outside the densest population center, Port-Au-Prince.

Haiti, by far the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, has been beset by natural disasters for most of its recent history. The island is struck by an annual series of hurricanes and is particularly vulnerable to storm-related disasters because much of its forests have been chopped down and used for fuel, leaving the country with very little tree cover. In one of its hardest hit years, 2004, Haiti was rocked by powerful Hurricane Jeanne, which caused untold destruction and killed 3,000 people.

Since 2008, the island has been struck by at least three severe hurricanes — Gustav, Hanna and Ike — that have wrought nearly a billion dollars worth of damage and killed 800 people. All of this has taken place against the backdrop of food riots, health crises and near constant government instability and upheavals.

Wyclef says you can text “YELE” to 501-501 and it will automatically donate $5 to his relief organization via your cell hone provider (i.e. $5 will be added to your next cell phone bill).  Donate more at Yele’s website (if you can get it to load), or Red Cross, or what have you.

UPDATE: You can also donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting “Haiti” to 90999.  This is a major humanitarian crisis unfolding in our backyard.  Ce n’est pas bon.

UPDATE: More ways to help here.


This is another pitch for an all Al TV channel:

Anyone who followed Congress under Republican control until 2007 was absolutely puking in their hat when McCain started spouting his righteous indignation. Anyone who watches a little CSPAN every once in a while knows that people get cut off all the time. But the worst and most egregious hypocrisy of the predictable Republican outrage is how they bent and twisted Congressional rules in meaningful and despicable ways when they were in power. I’m not talking about cutting of a minute of bloviating, I’m talking about literally eliminating the committee’s legislative process alltogether on some critical bills. Bypassing committee amendments, votes and debates. Right to the floor! This is what ‘shutting the democrats out of the process’ meant to the Republicans. If the Democrats had the same balls (and disrespect for the Constitution, hatred of democracy, anti-American sentiment, etc) then we wouldn’t even be talking about meaningless amendments to healthcare relating to illegal immigrants, abortion, etc that score political points for the opposition but don’t really provide substantial changes to the legislation.

Process is important, and the Republicans have written the book on gaming the system. I’d recommend John Dean’s “Broken Government” if you want more detail on the tactics they employed…here’s a review that I think is pretty accurate:

In his latest anti-Republican polemic, ex-Nixon White House counsel and Watergate whistle-blower Dean (Conservatives Without Conscience) moves from policy to process, how necessary government functions are corrupted and hobbled by Republican politicians and their ethos of authoritarianism, secrecy, partisanship and dogmatic contempt for the public sphere.

It’s a long indictment. The last Republican Congress, Dean contends, rubber-stamped Bush’s policies, shut Democrats out of the legislative process, neglected pressing issues and made a shambles of government finances. Meanwhile, the Bush administration–the worst presidency ever–has sought to replace constitutional checks and balances with a unitary executive that brooks no congressional interference and undermines civil rights. All of this is enabled by the swelling ranks of fundamentalists on the federal bench and Supreme Court (some of whom, he insists, committed perjury to get confirmed).

For this, McCain gets my nomination for “Hypocrite of the Week”

Bernin’ up the floor

Maybe relative to the Clinton’s attempt, we can praise this current round of healthcare ‘reform’ as a step in the right direction. I will not be one of those people. What happened today was classic Republican gaming of the system to avoid a vote on the proposal that makes the most sense, allowing people to buy into Medicare if they want to.

Tonight I give you Bernie ‘the mad socialist’ Sanders:

“The day will come, although I recognize it’s not today, when the U.S. Congress will have to vote to stand up to … all those who profit every single year off of human sickness,” Sanders said. “That day will come.”

Some day, Bernie, but for now rest assured that if you don’t support making a profit off of literally everything, especially human suffering, you are not an American but a wild haired Russia loving socialist. This clip is some classic Bernie.

The American Taliban

The American Taliban is at it again. They burnt down a topless coffee shop in a small town in Northern Maine.

They have been responsible for countless acts of violence in addition to the recent dramatic murder at a church ceremony. Interesting to go through the list of these acts of violence on wiki, and see how many occur in the U.S. compared to other countries.

I can only assume that there is something uniquely special about America’s ability to produce these sorts of terrorist groups. These groups openly proclaim their support of terrorist acts. Why? I guess the common thread between the burning of a topless coffee shop and the anti-choice crowd, is a deep seeded fear that some people out there may be enjoying sex. Somehow in America we have simultaneously developed the ability to develop a very slutty and sexually promiscuous and all around perverted group of folks, along with a group of folks who probably don’t even know how to operate the clitoris. And somewhere in the middle are folks like me, who could appreciate a topless coffee shop, and at the same time maintain a healthy and sex life with my wife…as long as I can stay out of the dog house…but I digress.

The point is these morons are scared shitless of people, especially women, enjoying sex, and they are usually the same freaks trying to get it on in the airport bathroom with some hot and heavy foot-tapping. I really hate these stupid hypocrites.

At least we can hope that their violent stupidity will backfire. All it took was a tent and a generator and the coffee shop is back up and running. I am looking into how to donate money to this coffee and titty operation. With coffee and titties, I believe we can change the world for the better.