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The People’s Party

This is a trigger warning, I am going to reference Jimmy Dore right off the bat
But thats not really what this song is about, its just a way to get your attention
this song is about Draft Bernie Dot Org and the people’s party

I like thinking about politics and I like marijuana,

I like the interview Jimmy Dore did with Nick Brana,
Draft bernie Dot ORG is the place
if you think the democrats are a disgrace,
and the media deserves a big pie in the face,
The People’s Party is a party for the whole human race.
I beg you all to remember that
Bernie is an independent…not a democrat.
Bernie should have won because he was the best,
And I think its clear he is still better than the rest,
Bernie’s not afraid to talk about greed,
Bernie’s not afraid to legalize weed!
He’s the only candidate who I thought was cool,
Although O’malley still would have been better than you know who.
May I never mention her name again.
Draft bernie Dot ORG is the place
if you think the democrats are a disgrace,
and the media deserves a big pie in the face,
The People’s Party is a party for the whole human race.

ATH Reaction Debate Me Michael Brooks


ATH Reaction Debate Me Michael Brooks

Happy Easter! Reefercake reaction to the reaction to “Debate Me”.

ATH Podcast Reefercake Reaction – Blame it on Trump

I react to Michael Brooks’s reaction to my song “Same Old Crap (Blame it on Trump)”

I challenge Micheal to debate me…..ATH 4-13-17 Reefercake Reaction

Same old Crap (Blame it on Trump)

Its the same old crap in the news, yeah!
Notice a common theme: the poor folks always lose.
I know you want to blame it all on the big bad trumpster,
I’m sorry but I don’t beleive that he’s the only monster,
Hillary should have listened, to what I said we need,
fuck ALL these polticians if they won’t legalize the weed,
like obama could have easily done through executive order.
God bless you obama! you handsome hypocrite
Lets rewrite history so Trump gets blamed for all of it!
Drone strikes, Blame it on Trump!
runaway CIA  Blame it on Trump!
Marijuana still on the schedule 1? Blame it on Trump!
Will Trump raid medicinal providers the way Barack has already done?
Will Sessions throw them all in jail, every single one?
Can’t you see, its the same old crap, then they go on and blame it on trump but they could have avoided this whole mess by electing good folks like Bernie who support legalization unlike that lying hypocrite Hillary, but you go on and blame it on the russians, and the racists, and the greens party and the Jimmy Dore and the libertarians, and the BErnie Bros, and of course me, the jimmy reefercakes

ATH 3-6-17 Ronald Raygun

It was a delight to have Ronald Raygun, aka Stephen Robbins and work through some of my issues with regard to the perceived arrogance of Micheal Brooks, and my own obvious arrogance. I will admit that I believe I am smarter than Micheal Brooks on most issues especially the political implications of the Russia issue on the Democratic Party. Ronald suggested a three way podcast with Micheal, stay tuned….maybe Mikey will grow a pair of testicles and join us someday?

ATH 3-6-17 Ronald Raygun

herbs work better than words

I went to my local democratic party meeting,
and I lectured them on why I think Hillary lost.
They called me a masogynist pig and told be to go away,
I told them I thought Hillary would be a shitty president anyway,
I gotta infiltrate the party, and get them all high,
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
we’ll find out.
They called me a stoner and a Bernie bro,
to their meetings I may never again go.
Yet long ago I executed an similar plan,
to change the hearts and minds of man
yes i did, yes i did,
I remember way back in the day
I successfully infiltrated the kkk
I got them all stoned every single day.
yeah infiltrate the KKK and get them all high,
maybe just maybe herbs work better than words.
A deep cover KKK operation, pretty scary, huh, man,
I had to persevere to make it a success in the end.
I managed to convert some of them
into libertarians.
oh yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.

Normalization of Hypocrisy by the Dumb, Numb Left: A Tribute to Michael Brooks

I just realized it again today, something I have realized many times before. I will promise myself to never forget it again. People in the media on the center left are even worse that the right wingers that they say they will protect us from. I know Jimmy Dore says it all the time, but today I am really feeling it. Its a sick and helpless feeling. Of course the big media pundits, like Rachel Maddow making $30,000 a day at MSNBC will obviously will play this game. What really makes me lose hope in humanity when the little guys like Michael Brooks play that same game. Sorry, but I don’t think your phrase “dumb, dumb left” that you use to put down the true left independent media is going to get you the next gold ticket from MSNBC, but you never know, keep shitting on people who love Bernie and hate Hillary and you may impress the corporate overlords.

These center left people appear decent in many ways, but they are all too accepting of liars and hypocrites for no other reason than the fact that this appears to be normal. Issues get lost all too easily. For example a couple big issues that Hillary Clinton scares people on – World War 3 with Russia, and world-wide water quality destruction with Fracking. These are life threatening, life changing issues at stake here, yet there are whole leagues of media and others brainwashed to believe that hypocrisy is just part of the game. Somehow they rationalize this….or shall I say normalize, since its the new fancy word at play for these leagues of poor brainwashed souls who devote themselves to the pretzel logic of making themselves sound smart by putting down others. No matter how fancy their words, no matter how smart they try to sound, these people who are supposed to report on politics and news are entirely in their own bubbles. Its bad. Heads in their asses, and they just keep losing. Big league losers.

Trace the root of all our problems back to what I call the “Normalization of Hypocrisy”. All this talk of normalizing Trump from the same robotic eggheads who said that Hillary Clinton would make a great president. These people are dumb and numb to all around them. I will herebt dub them the “Dumb, Numb Left”.

We all know about right wing hypocrisy….the way it comes to light has been obvious, but more sinister is the way that lies and hypocrisy have been accepted on the left. Now we have seen that in full force, in the humiliating defeat of Hillary Clinton. I ask for humility.

“will they show any humility? or are they completely dumb and numb to the world outside their bubbles?”

As you know I am a contributor to the Majority Report, and the songs that I send in on Fridays are sometimes my attempt at correcting some of the nonsense on the show that has contributed to what I call the normalization of hypocrisy, and the lack of humility when confronting what they call the “Dumb, dumb left”. Famously, my song “Orange Lemonade” received a coo-koo clock and was cut off in mid song, simply because the song expressed the fact that even if Hillary was president we are still more or less fucked.

This is part 1 in a never-ending multi part series….more later on “Dumb dumb left vs. dumb and numb left.”

I wonder if Michael Brooks would care to debate me now? What does it take to get 20 minutes of his precious time? Does he care to better himself by getting into the monkey cage with me? Or is he afraid I will leave his world shattered and expose him? It could go either way, stay tuned!!!

Jimmy Reefercake's First Podcast, LISTEN HERE OR DOWNLOAD FREE

Jimmy got a new mic and jimmy like, jimmy like. 20 minutes of pure Reefercake, addressing the Sam Seder saga, a strange obsession with getting “Sammy” to play “Smoke a Bowl” on his show give me a wee little interview to talk about reefer madness….and the HYPOCRISY.

If people listen I'll do it on a weekly basis. Turn off you TVs and tune in to ALL THE HYPOCRISY! Blog much? Blog HERE! Blog NOW!

allright, I give up….how the hell do I get this one to link up…?


Reefercake podcast 1

Allright I have figured out that my 20 minutes of podcasting brilliance is too big a file…might have to deliver this shit in 10 minute segments…no time now but will get too that….for now witness my cover of North Country Blues (first try on on the new mic)

North Country Blues

Two parts realism, one part optimism, with a dash of "F*** You!"

Take a heavy dose of realism about the national scene. Unless Texas and Oklahoma start forming their own countries, why bang your head about Obama-this and Obama-that. The media wants to obsess on Obama because it suits their needs. Who the hell knows what degree of compromise is needed to appease the monkey brain of this country, but I know that it will never be satisfactory to us, like minded progressive, hypocrisy haters. Why even speculate when the results are often so easily predictable?

Take another dose of realism about our media brigade…we at the Reefercake household are taking the plunge and cancelling the cable TV…I am embarrassed to say that we were paying $120 a month to be force fed vomit. We are keeping our internet which is $60, and we are going to squeeze as much goodness out of those tubes as we possibly can…I am even looking into streaming sports online…or spending the extra $120 on a special chicken wings and beer fund for watching sports at the bar.

Here is one part optimism. You are more likely to find the positive change that you seek closer to home, friends, family, local politics, helping the little old lady next door, volunteering to coach your kids soccer team, or running a kick ass blog that shreds through the hypocrisy to present the real. Be the change you want to see.

And a dash of “F*** You!” Just because I am keeping it real doesn't mean I don't still hate hypocrisy, and still enjoy ridiculing it and exposing it with great contempt. Damn those hypocrites!!

Please take a look at our latest poll and speak your mind…all answers are correct around here. Glass half empty or half full? Ying or yang?