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Jimmy Reefercake Live at Netroots Nation

That was going to be the headline…thursday our beloved Anthony Weiner resigned and fresh off the presses, I craft another Reefercake release and “DO IT LIVE!!” at Netroots Nation. But Sammy was unable to deliver. Four days late and a dollar pizza slice short he delivers my song with a downer intro…and acts like I am the one obsessing on penises.

Lets face it, everybody obsesses on penises or vaginae or some variation of the two. That’s right folks, I said vaginae. Spellcheck has informed me that vaginas is not a word. Vaginae.

By the way, I love Al Franken. Remember how nice he was to the guy who wrote shitty songs for him!?! Sorry if I twittered my weiner too many times….but it is an addiction. Here’s the song.

don’t twitter your weiner

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE!! Golf course is calling….might be a few less releases, I proved my point, we can rock out quality songs week after week…but

I ain’t seen shit in the donation can,
I better make myself a new biznass plan.


This is another pitch for an all Al TV channel:

Anyone who followed Congress under Republican control until 2007 was absolutely puking in their hat when McCain started spouting his righteous indignation. Anyone who watches a little CSPAN every once in a while knows that people get cut off all the time. But the worst and most egregious hypocrisy of the predictable Republican outrage is how they bent and twisted Congressional rules in meaningful and despicable ways when they were in power. I’m not talking about cutting of a minute of bloviating, I’m talking about literally eliminating the committee’s legislative process alltogether on some critical bills. Bypassing committee amendments, votes and debates. Right to the floor! This is what ‘shutting the democrats out of the process’ meant to the Republicans. If the Democrats had the same balls (and disrespect for the Constitution, hatred of democracy, anti-American sentiment, etc) then we wouldn’t even be talking about meaningless amendments to healthcare relating to illegal immigrants, abortion, etc that score political points for the opposition but don’t really provide substantial changes to the legislation.

Process is important, and the Republicans have written the book on gaming the system. I’d recommend John Dean’s “Broken Government” if you want more detail on the tactics they employed…here’s a review that I think is pretty accurate:

In his latest anti-Republican polemic, ex-Nixon White House counsel and Watergate whistle-blower Dean (Conservatives Without Conscience) moves from policy to process, how necessary government functions are corrupted and hobbled by Republican politicians and their ethos of authoritarianism, secrecy, partisanship and dogmatic contempt for the public sphere.

It’s a long indictment. The last Republican Congress, Dean contends, rubber-stamped Bush’s policies, shut Democrats out of the legislative process, neglected pressing issues and made a shambles of government finances. Meanwhile, the Bush administration–the worst presidency ever–has sought to replace constitutional checks and balances with a unitary executive that brooks no congressional interference and undermines civil rights. All of this is enabled by the swelling ranks of fundamentalists on the federal bench and Supreme Court (some of whom, he insists, committed perjury to get confirmed).

For this, McCain gets my nomination for “Hypocrite of the Week”

Franken v. Thune

Here is some quality Senatorialization on the part of Al Franken today….  As you watch this, keep in mind that Sen. Thune is being groomed as the Republican Obama of 2012 – the young, handsome senator with no record and no baggage, on whose persona the teabaggers of America can project all their hopes and dreams…

Republican congressmen are worthless.  Smack ’em down!