Call Your Mama ‘Cause Obama Got Osama

I can’t hold this one back anymore….the awesomeness is so pure….so lets start the pre-release party here at all the hypocrisy dot com. This was set to officially release tomorrow, but the timing of events, I think that Sammy might decide to play this one a day early. After all, it is Mother’s day this weekend, and Cinquo de Mayo today, so I am going to call this week a wrap. Enjoy!

Call Your Mama ‘Cause Obama Got Osama

Here are the lyrics:

call your mama cuz obama got osama,
And I’m celebratin’ with some marijuana,
So smoke a joint Special Operations Command,
They found Osama’s crib in Pakistan,
Better call your mama cuz obama got osama,
Two bullets in his head, now there ain’t no drama,

But I got myself a boy, who’s only seven,
had to tell him the whole story of nine eleven,
Now that obama killed osama, singing yes we can,
Proves that dubbya was a dummy, but Obama’s the man,

My boy said “so what”, and shook his head,
He said,” isn’t that just another person dead?”
So call your mama, but don’t be hatin’,
Its mothers day that we be celebratin’,
We care for all mankind, to hell with revenge,
This is Jimmy Reefercake on majority dot FM.