• Pinko

    He called the shit, poop! When I was in the wastewater treatment business the plant operators used to push that shit (no pun intended) on me all the time. The kind stuff….premium grade raw influent. Don’t settle for the primary sed basin sludge….unless you want the halitosis without the high.

    I actually had to send a kid to the principal’s office a couple years ago for bringing in a print out of a jenkem police bulletin and passing it around class….apparently it’s just a big hoax. But if it’s irrelevant, Fox news is all over it….

  • M.Uila

    Butthash, I love it. That news report is the best. They could run it on the Daily Show as-is and it couldn’t get any funnier. I love the concern in her closing: “At this point, it’s not even clear if butthash can even be considered illegal!”

    Excellent point. Can we please hurry up and outlaw onesies and twosies? Think of the children!

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  • Jack Assbeck

    nothing like the smell of poo to wake the the old ATH. its like smelling salts to the qb who is knocked out. works everytime. like a rat needs cheese, ATH needs the butt cheese. like a moth to a flame, ATH wants to set that fart on fire. i love it.