Bush League

Last night I saw Kathleen Parker on the Colbert Report. She’s a well known bootlicker conservative syndicated columnist who made some waves recently by calling on Sarah Palin to step down for the good of the country. Her point being that Palin had revealed herself to be supremely unqualified. (Or as Parker herself put it: “Out Of Her League”). So she turned up on Colbert to enjoy her moment of librul triumph.

[Aside: is Colbert not the greatest? That these right-wing hacks come on his show and glowingly seek his approval boggles my mind.]

I’m not linking either the article or the appearance. These hypocrites (and their numbers are growing by the day) actually expect credit for having the “intellectual honesty” to dump on Palin’s qualifications (and the McCain campaign in general). Well goody for you. You’re about eight years too late. There is absolutely no difference between George W. Bush and Sarah Palin other than lipstick and a skirt. There was ample evidence in 2000 that Bush was a blithering idiot. Where were the calls from the right-wingers claiming he was unfit for the presidency then?

Oh that’s right, they didn’t care because their man was still close in the polls. And they wouldn’t care now, except McCain is 10 points down, with only a 5% chance of victory. The rats are scrambling to get off the ship. (See: Christopher Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Kristol, David Frum… and why not, Kathleen Parker)

Get back to us when you’re ready to apologize for enabling the last eight years.