Bo(eh)ner prefers a smaller package

I know that seems “hard” to believe, but Boehner is taking exception to some of the spending in the bailout bill. Obama, on the other hand, wants to extend the package! No gimmicks or herbal supplements. Who could be against extending the package? These folks are the same members of congress who, without thinking twice, throw billions of dollars at the failure in Iraq and then get upset when Obama wants to invest in THIS country. Look around you. There are all kinds of potential public works projects. Our infrastructure is old and tired. And the civil engineers are crying for a bigger package than the one Obama is proposing. It’s time for Obama to stand up to the punks who want tax cuts for the rich (or make Bush’s tax cuts permanent). I can appreciate reaching out to the other side after eight years of being ignored by Bush, but on Nov 4th America chose Obama’s economic policy. Obama himself reminded us just the other day of exactly who won. Besides, as David Sirota points out, if you dilute the bailout bill with weak Republican ideas, and this causes it not to be effective, then Obama looks like he failed and the GOP may look a little more respectable-like.

  • lookie lookie

    We WON BITCHES!!! these bitchy ass bitches are bitching again!?!?! Don’t make Obama say something.

  • M.Uila

    Oh for fuck sake, they passed the bill without a SINGLE republican vote.

    Please tell me the senate will gut the GOP concessions just to spite these assholes. That would be one thing if they had a reasonable suggestion for improving the economy. Instead, their whole purpose is to root for the failure of America so they can have a path back to power. Republicans are Swine. Time for Democrats to grow a five-pack and govern like it matters.

  • M.Uila

    Here’s that ASCE report Pinky referred to… as John Cole notes, this fuckin’ stimulus bill should write itself

  • Pinky

    Is it coincidence that we also got a C+ in Solid Waste? Haith would be appalled. Or was that MicroBio?

  • lookie lookie

    finally a grade where the lowest is the best.

  • M.Uila

    Must have been Solid Waste, because I dropped MicroBio… twice.

    If roads are D-, how is transit a D? Anybody that has taken the bus recently will tell you: F

  • Madman

    Talking infrastructure gives me a Boehner. I worked on the ASCE report card for Maine, our infrastructure is as limp dicked as the rest of the country’s.

    The central scam of the GOP in our lifetime is well summarized in this article Hartmann discussed on Monday . We all know this is what they do but I had never heard the back story.

  • I’m ecstatic that we’ve got something on the table here, but can we talk for a second about some of the stupid-ass allocations of this 900 billion dollars?
    I mean, its no surprise with this sum of money that the dingleberries in the capitol would piss away some of it on useless projects, but $150 million to repair the Smithsonian building?
    I love the arts as much as the next guy – but I sincerely doubt that “joe the plumber” is going to see some Shakespeare after he picks up his unemployment check.
    We’ve got bigger fish to fry here!

  • M.Uila

    Hey, it’s the Tazvanian Sun Devil! Google tells me your basehole link is broken, what gives??

    I presume the stimulus for the Smithsonian repairs is meant for just that – putting brothers to work fixing up the dilapidated buildings. Granted, the article states another $50 million goes to fund NEA, but I’d rather see them give all that money to Robert Mapplethorpe’s rotted corpse than see another fuckin cent go to Citibank.

    Don’t spread your republican talking points around here buddy!

  • lookie lookie

    tuck, good to see a new face on the blog. up here in the north woods we don’t take kindly to this artsy fartsy crap either.

  • lookie lookie

    madman knows, if it is thom hartmann it is the truth!

    seriously, this man knows what he speaks of and will make you smarter….12- 3 on air america or novamradio.

    the two santa claus theory, reagonomics, this crap has sold out the eisenhower true conservative voice of reason that once existed.

  • basehole has gone green – if it aint working, we aint running the server! I need to push that shit to a hosted server so it’s not reliant on my home power and a booty alternative port.

    As far as brothers fixin up the smithsonian – no doubt that the point is to put some AIG victims back to work, but can’t we think of a better appropriation of their efforts? Perhaps build some solar farms, or keep open the myriad MD schools that are slated for closure due to state budget constraints. I don’t know… something that would actually stimulate further growth! I’m not so sure a free museum is going to save a significant number of jobs, nor really turn around this cluster fuck of an economy.
    In these tough times, though, nothing soothes my soul like a Rembrandt…

  • Pinko

    Nothin soothes my soul like Rick Steve’s Europe…it’s better than reefer…and not unlike painting with Cap’t Bob or Bob Ross.

  • Madman

    I think tuck is right on, we need to choose wisely…though I doubt very much that investment in the education of our children is a good call…what the hell are those kids going to buy next quarter?

  • Madman

    Republican plan for stimulus:
    -send everybody a check
    -they buy some crap
    -multinational mega corporations profit
    -the wealthy get bonuses and dividends
    -they hire me to tend to their gardens

    Apparently they haven’t noticed, but we don’t actually manufacture consumer goods in this country anymore. Earth to GOP – maybe a decent infrastructure would help attract new US based businesses? Or maybe we could build something useful like tuck’s solar grid? If our GOP overlords wouldn’t mind us building a new industry in this country, that is. Please Dems, grow some sack and show the country how wrong they are, for the love of God!

  • M.Uila
  • Madman

    So true M Uila, so true… By the way, 17 comments on one post, is that an ATH record?

  • lookie lookie

    hey lets make it 18, and not forget that tourism is always the forgotten industry. so i’ll say go ahead and fix up yer dern fancy museums.