Bo(eh)ner prefers a smaller package

I know that seems “hard” to believe, but Boehner is taking exception to some of the spending in the bailout bill. Obama, on the other hand, wants to extend the package! No gimmicks or herbal supplements. Who could be against extending the package? These folks are the same members of congress who, without thinking twice, throw billions of dollars at the failure in Iraq and then get upset when Obama wants to invest in THIS country. Look around you. There are all kinds of potential public works projects. Our infrastructure is old and tired. And the civil engineers are crying for a bigger package than the one Obama is proposing. It’s time for Obama to stand up to the punks who want tax cuts for the rich (or make Bush’s tax cuts permanent). I can appreciate reaching out to the other side after eight years of being ignored by Bush, but on Nov 4th America chose Obama’s economic policy. Obama himself reminded us just the other day of exactly who won. Besides, as David Sirota points out, if you dilute the bailout bill with weak Republican ideas, and this causes it not to be effective, then Obama looks like he failed and the GOP may look a little more respectable-like.