Bob Costas Puts on His Big Boy Pants

For some reason Bob Costas has always been one of those TV sports personalities that just annoys me. Whenever he said something that annoyed me or opened the door for my mockery I would routinely think, “who the hell is this shrimp, has he even played a single sport in his life?” He actually turned a laid back hippy like me into some kind of muscleheaded jock bully.

The other night that all changed for me. Costas will be forever enshrined in the Reefercake announcer hall of fame, along the likes of Tom Heinson and Jerry Remy. Little Bobby put on his big boy pants.

Costas discussed the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide of Kasandra Perkins and quoted a piece from Jason Whitlock’s article “In KC, it’s no time for a game.” Read the full piece below.

Whitlock article:…

No one is saying that the government should stop people from buying guns. The point is that we buy too many guns in the USA. People who have sketchy temperaments should think twice about whether they REALLY need a loaded hand gun at arms reach all the time.

How about an anti-gun advertising campaign. The theme is “Do you REALLY need to own a gun?” Nothing about new government regulations, just straight up education on the dangers of gun ownership. And how about a little bit of looking out for your fellow man. Do you have a mentally imbalanced friend who wants to own a gun. How can you talk them out of it?