Best of the Left

The call your mama, obama got osama clip was used in the “Best of the Left Podcast”

By the way, this “Best of the Left Podcast” is a pretty darn good podcast!!

Talked to Sammy at today. Man, that guy is a tough cookie. He could use some time on the golf course with JR. The whole thing is pretty funny, and as far as I know, good radio is good drama…and the lines between reality and acting become hard to find…anyway, cheers! BEST of the left…..the BEST!!!

  • OLinda Denver

    Hi Jimmy, did you hear the latest?

    Oh Oh, Osama’s back in the news.
    Al Qaeda released a video of his views.
    But, Osama is dead. Dead for so long,
    He won’t appear in this song!
    Osama was last week, and the week before that!
    Sammy is done with him and so is Matt!

  • retarded monkey woman

    very nice…jimmy might need to do a song a day with all the lyrics he is storing up!

  • OLinda Denver

    Looking forward to the song tomorrow, Jimmy. Don’t let Sam get to you.

  • Madman

    Best of the left is a great podcast…the reefercake phenomenon taking hold!

  • retarded monkey woman

    yes, best of the left is very good indeed….the BEST! looks like tomorrow afternoon will be a good golf time for us. you in?