Back to Tampa!

I know Barack Obama is “the one” or “that one”, but let’s not forget who your papi is…

I see the rays cracking under pressure.  In fact, I saw more crack last night than I saw from Joe “I’m not really a plumber and I owe $1200 in back income taxes” the Plumber .  Jimmy can we get a Red Sox Nation category?  Apparently I don’t have permission to add such things.

Jimmy update-
A little hypocrisy side note here, after all, that’s what the site is all about. Why do people think that sports stars need to be role models for our kids, other than to watch how they play the game, and train themselves to compete? Our kids should be taught that real role models are the teacher in high school who went the extra mile, or the cop who stuck out his neck to turn in a fellow cop who was taking bribes, or the way Obama runs his campaign without taking cheap shots at his opponents.

I don’t give a crap if Manny Ramirez is a jerk. He is the best hitter in baseball. He batted 500 in the playoffs for the Dodgers, and we could sure use his bat, although Jason Bay turned out well to save Theo’s reputation.

Another supposed jerk- Barry Bonds. Perhaps the best hitter of all time. Apparently the owners have plotted a conspiracy against him.

  • Pinky

    How do you imbed the video and not just the link? Do you have to save it as a file?

  • Jimmy

    On youtue look to the right of the video and copy that text from where is says embed, then just past it into you post.