ATH PODCAST: Thanksgiving 2014

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The First thanksgiving was a 3 day party in 1621,
the Pilgrims and the natives, it included everyone,
but 2 years later no longer were there Native Americans.
Calvinists hypocrites would not share food with them.

this thanksgiving I hope you don’t dine alone,
and when you head to grandmas take yourself a nice fat j-bone,
and this time when you head outside, please don’t do it alone,
This thanksgiving I beg you please to get your grandma stoned.

This thanksgiving you can count on the dinner being praised,
This thanksgiving I beg you please get your grandma blazed.
Breaking down the barriers is what thanksgiving’s for,
but the hypocrites can’t stand that, like we’ve seen before.

Grandpa and uncle bob at stoned out of their friggin heads,
Cousin trouble using reefer oil like a cracker spread,
As long as noone’s driving home soon, none of this is wrong,
gather round as we sing a reefercake thanksgiving song.