ATH PODCAST 3-2-14- Mother Russia, “Death Blow” to Obamacare

Its a frenzy to catch up on mixing down some podcasts. A big shout out to all of our fans in Luxemburg. Sorry to keep you waiting. In this episode:

So much bad-mouthing of Russia in the news, who are we to criticize? How much is pure propaganda?

Some ahole’s fake news story of a “death blow” to Obamacare.

Oh yeah, and we friggin interviewed the friggin O’chang’s last friggin night, so Joe 30-Pack, hurry up and FTP me the friggin WAV files so I can roll up a big fat j-bone and mix that sucker down… some say podcast history was made last night.

ATH Podcast 3-2-14- Moder Russia, ACA