Ask Your Doctor About…….

I watched this advertisement for the wonder drug “Abilify” the other day and started laughing out loud when the narrator with the smooth, calming voice began to read off the side effects. I thought I was watching one of SNL’s commercial parodies.

Actually it is quite sad. Sure bipolar disorder is a very serious mental disease, but is this the right way to treat it? And is it not hypocrisy that medical marijuana is only allowed in thirteen of the fifty states?

  • lookie lookie

    reefer..side effects include sleepiness, uncontrollable laughter, increase in appetite, and occasional paranoia….that is less than 10 seconds while this stuff had 40 seconds of horrible side effects of every variety known to man.

    when will we stop the insanity?

  • M.Uila

    How about the new commercial for “YAZ” in which they are forced to apologize for associating the last great Red Sox hitter with a woman’s menstrual cycle “not being clear” with their claims. Here’s the before ad:

    And the “clarification”:

    Ok, maybe that’s not it… but it’s interesting that the new ad – not on YouTube… But the old ad? Still racking up hits! If it’s so goddamn misleading, should it be yanked? What’s the public interest here?

  • Madman

    So much for better living through chemistry. Anybody get the feeling we are big pharma’s lab rats?

    Seeing these ads every day I can’t stop thinking about the billions put into advertising for these damn chemicals when we could be taking care of people. For-profit healthcare is disgraceful and immoral, and these commercials are but a small window into the absurdity. The next time someone tries to argue with me that we need a profit motive in healthcare to innovate and be more efficient, I promise I will punch that person in the face.

  • Pinko

    M.Uila right on cue with the SNL commercial. Nice, but you may be forced to apologize to newly inducted hall of famer Jim Ed Rice.

  • M.Uila

    Somewhat off topic, but here’s a nice op-ed about the business of Fake Outrage, vis a vis Michael Phelps’s bong hit:

    Doctors can hand out morphine to anyone for anything beyond a headache, but they can’t prescribe marijuana to terminal cancer patients. Madison Avenue encourages a population plagued by heart disease to choke down as many artery-clogging Big Macs and Dunkin’ Donuts as it can, but it’s illegal to consume cannabis, “a weed that has been known to kill approximately no one,” as even the archconservative Colorado Springs Gazette admitted in its editorial slamming Phelps. Indeed, it would be perfectly acceptable – even artistically admirable in some quarters – if I told you that I drank myself into a blind stupor while writing this column, but it would be considered “outrageous” if I told you I was instead smoking a joint…