Arrogant Pieces of Shit

I think we’ve lost sight of how to actually get shit done. I blame arrogant pieces of shit like Grover Norquist.

Lord Hypocrite, Grover Norquist, master of the universe,

He is a revolting man, like Newt Gingrich but worse,

Republicans sign his pledge or he’ll put you in your place,

By running negative ads in you next election race,

Grover Norquist, lord hypocrite, Grover Norquist, you GD MFing SOB, sob! piss off!!

We got the recession, and hurricanes and all kinds nasty weather,

Some people are out there struggling just barely keeping it together,

But the puppet master of this tea party revolution,

Decrees that low taxes for the rich are the only solution,

Grover Norquist, lord hypocrite, Grover Norquist, you GD MFing SOB, sob! piss off!!

But you also need to think about arrogant pieces of shit in the media from the left, right, north, and south who perpetuate madness of all forms.  My previous post explained how there is plenty of blame to go around for the federal government in terms of failing to properly regulate much of anything.  But arrogant pieces of shit on the left and the center left, refuse to work with the Libertarians to address this shit. Instead they focus on the same old crap arguments.

I’ve fucking had it!! We need results, talk is just talk. The radio is controlled by conservative pundits and the Internet is controlled by a mixture. You know I love the progressive talk, but the talk is always focused on what we disagree about, and largely this is all theoretical nonsense because in the end, NOTHING GETS DONE!! I know what we disagree about, it pretty fucking obvious! The right wing is selfish and serves the rich, and the left wing has the true Christian values to help the poor and the weak. You can go ahead and extend that to any issue and its the same. WE ALREADY KNOW HOW FUCKING OBVIOUS THIS IS!!! But when the government has become the monster, we need to fix the monster before we argue to give the monster more power.

Back when I started this web site in 2008, I had a feeling that the blogosphere was really helping to open people’s eyes, but you can open your eyes, and then just sit still. We must stand up and take the baby steps forward. WE WILL NOT GET ANYWHERE UNTIL WE CAN MAKE BABY STEPS – THAT MEANS LEGAL WEED! THAT MEANS A REAL EPA! THAT MEANS REASONABLE GUN CONTROL! The feds have done a shitty job, so get out of the way and let the states take it over. Sure, some red states will become environmental wastelands with bullets flying left and right, and they will serve as proof of their folly. But other red states will wise up and say, “I may be an arrogant piece of shit, but I would like to enjoy the success that the other states enjoy who take the obvious simple baby steps.” And eventually that is how SHIT GETS DONE, i.e. in Canada, the single payer system won out after the provinces that didn’t have it became sufficiently jealous or ashamed, and it finally became a federal thing.

The solution is simple, but arrogance from all sides stands in the way. Its a big fat stumbling block of arrogance. Listen to me, you arrogant pieces of shit, set aside the things that you disagree on, and work to get something done. We can keep on with the same old theoretical bullshit about what the federal government should do, but that BORES ME.

What excites me is action. We saw it in Colorado and Washington State on legal weed, and we see it in the efforts that states and mayors make on gun control. Lets talk about what the federal government has done already in gun control, before we get too excited about what they are going to do now. In 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot in the head with a little 22 pistol. This guy named Brady was also shot and hurt real bad….it wasn’t until 1994, 13 YEARS LATER, that the a watered down version of the Brady Bill was passed (originally it was a 2 week waiting period to get a handgun)…..but the NRA funded lawsuits to bring that shit all the way to the Supreme Court, where it was overturned, like 3 years later!!!

We passed a assault weapons ban in 1994 too, but that was a piece of shit bill set to expire in 10 years. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT AN ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN WITH AN EXPIRATION DATE??!?!? HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE?!?! When they made cocaine illegal, there was no expiration date!! Did they expect the bullets to become softer in 10 years?? So all the blame doesn’t go on the reign of terror of Bush, does it? Because the federal government SUCKS ASS!!!

So to all the arrogant pieces of shit on the left, right, north and south, read my words. I am plenty smart to know what I am talking about here. I know your only defense will be to say “Whats your point, Jimmy?” And you will surely divert attention by going into the same old crap about what the federal government could theoretically do. But what you should do is listen to what I am saying, because frankly, I am smarter than you. I DEMAND RESULTS!!!

Remember Columbine?? Remember the movie about it that one of my heroes Michael Moore did?? That movie said it all, YET NOTHING got done. Ask yourself why? Oh I see, you want to blame it on the reign of terror of Bush!?!?! But we are into our fifth year of Obama. I am pretty fucking sure Obama saw the movie, yet he did nothing.

I think Obama is a good guy. I am sick of the folks trying to demonize him, or say that it doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad. The problem is that he is involved with the federal government, which works in unison with the crappy ass federal media . He can’t do shit that might give the right wing media anything to talk about. He is careful and he is playing chess. Go ahead and listen to the whining from pundits on the left about this fiscal cliff nonsense and the slight possibility of “tweaking social security”. I say Big fucking deal, Obama is simply opening a trap that the republicans can step in when they propose cutting SS so poor old folks eat nothing but cat food. Obama is smarter than you fucking whiners, and all you are doing with over-analyzing.

Heed my words you arrogant pieces of shit, I am smarter than you. Maybe that makes me arrogant, but at least I am not a piece of repeating boring shit. PISS OFF!!