Arizona Shooting and Reefer Madness – Podcast

You want a podcast on the Arizona Shooting and how it relates to reefer – You got it!

JR-numero uno-02

allright, its about distrust of government in general. I just think we are getting all worked up and not doing the simple things…posing this question – “if pot was legal would this have happened?” I think this is just as legitimate a question as “if republicans, ie.. Rush, Glenn Beck, would tone down their rhetoric, would this have happened?”

as a matter of fact maybe I should poll this shit and see what you all think….add to list of things to do…

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    From sammy’s show today, I think it was IM’d from “don’t be a putz”

    “NRA fought for the right of those on the terrorists watch list to get a gun, maybe now Matt Baye can juxtapose comments from Jim DeMint with the stoner ramblings of Jimmy Reefercake.

    So who is Matt Baye ?spelling?? nonetheless, I have a now been name dropped on the Majoriy Report. PARTY!!!

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    ahhh matt bai, some random douchebag who write editorials….

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    ahh here it is, matt bai, some asshole paid to write shit.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    allright here is the mugshot of captain dipshit the arizona psychopath.

    You will notice chatter of him being a “left wing pothead” on the comments here. See what I mean? You have this tragedy and people on both sides try to capitalize on it by branding it left or right. In the meantime, the underlying issues are ignored.

    On this one, I will sit out of the shit flinging spectacle. But I will ask the question…does the government’s ban on marijuana lead to a distrust and a tendency to believe “conspiracy theories”? Could this one have been nipped in the bud? pun not intended but enjoyed. ANSWER THE QUESTION.