Answer the Question!

Hypocrisy is like the weather.  Everybody talks about it, but nobody ever does anything about it. Now’s your chance:

CHANGE.GOV – Open for Questions, Round Two

Basically, they give you the opportunity to pose questions to Obama (or more accurately, his handlers). You cast votes on the questions that have been posed (good or bad?), then the questions that have the most net positive votes get responses.  At the moment, the top-rated question (just barely) is this:

“Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor – ideally Patrick Fitzgerald – to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?”

Supposedly this question was #6 when they did the original “Open for Questions” a few weeks ago (only the top 5 were addressed).  Here’s the official response to the first round of questions.  (Note that the reefer question got short shrift.)

The cynical part of me thinks this is mainly a sop to the internet blogger community who like nothing so much as to feel their voice is being heard. (“I have opinions!  Read my opinions!  Now you smart like me!”) On the other hand, prosecuting George Bush and cronies is controversial.  If there is ever a chance of this happening, they need to know the people are behind it.  So go vote!

[Note: there seem to be several instances of the same question kicking around the site.  To make sure you vote up the top question, click on the last category, “Additional Issues”.  When I did this last night it was filed under National Security, but some fucker has since tried to bury it…]

P.S.  Here’s a stunning example of the Bush Administration’s hypocrisy when it comes to torture:

the Bush administration has righteously decided that torture is such a grotesque and intolerable crime that political leaders who order it simply must be punished in American courts to the fullest extent of the law . . . . if they’re from Liberia:

MIAMI (AP) — U.S. prosecutors want a Miami judge to sentence the son of former Liberian President Charles Taylor to 147 years in prison for torturing people when he was chief of a brutal paramilitary unit during his father’s reign. Charles McArthur Emmanuel, also known as Charles “Chuckie” Taylor Jr. is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 9 by U.S. District Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga. His conviction was the first use of a 1994 law allowing prosecution in the U.S. for acts of torture committed overseas.

Even in the U.S., it’s hard to believe that federal prosecutors who work for the Bush DOJ were able to convey the following words with a straight face:

A recent Justice Department court filing describes torture – which the U.S. has been accused of in the war on terror – as a “flagrant and pernicious abuse of power and authority” that warrants severe punishment of Taylor. “It undermines respect for and trust in authority, government and a rule of law,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Heck Miller in last week’s filing. “The gravity of the offense of torture is beyond dispute.”

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    Hypocrisy is like the weather…it cannot be changed, if you want protection from rain you need to build a house, if you want change you better move…

    Last I heard the question to Obama about reefer is usually answered with Obama does not support legalization….but the silver lining to this cloud my friends, is that he has supported decriminalization, which is not too shabby.

  • Jimmy Reefercake

    here is a nice classic text on citizen participation—GOOD STUFF

  • Madman

    Anyone read FREE LUNCH? I’m thinking about buying it & heard it had some good insight into the state of our $$$ocracy.