The hypocrites in charge pay lip service to FREE DUMB in order to gain POWER! While hypocrite leaders come and go, the masses never let go of their search to unmask the hypocrisy of their rulers. I am here to serve the masses. I invite you all to contribute your hypocrisy related content right here at ALL THE HYPOCRISY DOT COM!!!!! Worldwide.

Hypocrisy has a log history of importance to human concepts of society and morality. Jesus, Gandhi, Mohammed, Buddha, all the spiritual leaders in the history of the world have warned of the dangers of hypocrisy, but that hasn’t stopped this most irresistible sin from infesting human kind. To some degree, all of us Americans are hypocrites. We all suck at the teat of American imperialism, on the backs of children in sweatshops in China. The blood is on all our hands for American aggression and war around the world, to the point that our tax dollars pay for torture and killing, all in the name of freedom. Could it be that our leaders talk of freedom but are really interested in power?

Meanwhile simple herbal remedies such as marijuana are banned in favor of drugs manufactured by transnational corporations. Again, freedom is sacrificed for power.

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  • I’m the owner and creator of communityx.net and komx radio and I’m looking to connect with people like you and others who are tired of the total media control. We are a community of creators, musicians, artists, authors , activists and other who create. We are tired of those with no talent and all the money stealing our creations and calling them their own. It’s time we took the mic back. We’re officially launching on 12/13/14. We’re the new myspace/facebook and we’re going to kick some ass and take names later. My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/communityx.net and I included the link to one of our newsfeeds. Thanks and see you on the other side! CS

  • Jimmy. Heard your comment in MR 2/2/2015. Made me think. It would be interesting to develop a meta-blog, where you recruit people with various specialized expertise. (example: drug war, middle east, economics, health care, etc., ) to submit a well thought out blog on a topic every 2-4 weeks. Collectively, the site would have a greater breadth of topics with strong information. Subsequently, it could gain more exposure than individual bloggers attempting to do it all alone, and be a more informative source of info. Think about it.

    • Ricky Martin

      For example. I’m a doctor (MD variety), also with MPH in epidemiology and biostatistics, and Wisconsin State Representative for the American College of Physicians (ACP) on health policy While I know very little about the differences between sunni and shi’a, I could contribute a lot on healthcare, and would be excited to contribute to a larger blog that contains entries by experts in these other areas.