911 is a Joke

Ok, this is beneath the dignity of our very serious site, but the Joe McCain phone call saga is too freaking funny. I want the embedded stream of all phone calls asap. Joe McCain is John’s brother, a fellow geezer, who calls 911 from his car to ask what’s going on up ahead that’s causing him to sit in DC traffic. (Dude, it’s DC traffic). He does this not once, but twice, the second time to complain that he has been harassed by the 911 operator who informed him that frivolous 911 calls are illegal.

In 11 days we will hold a national election in which millions of people will vote to put crazy old men in charge of the country.

* * * Update * * *

First 911 call

Voice mail chastisement

Second 911 Call

* * * Pink Update * * *