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herbs work better than words

I went to my local democratic party meeting,
and I lectured them on why I think Hillary lost.
They called me a masogynist pig and told be to go away,
I told them I thought Hillary would be a shitty president anyway,
I gotta infiltrate the party, and get them all high,
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.
we’ll find out.
They called me a stoner and a Bernie bro,
to their meetings I may never again go.
Yet long ago I executed an similar plan,
to change the hearts and minds of man
yes i did, yes i did,
I remember way back in the day
I successfully infiltrated the kkk
I got them all stoned every single day.
yeah infiltrate the KKK and get them all high,
maybe just maybe herbs work better than words.
A deep cover KKK operation, pretty scary, huh, man,
I had to persevere to make it a success in the end.
I managed to convert some of them
into libertarians.
oh yeah, maybe herbs work better than words.

The Biggest Hypocrite – Wall of Shame

Hypocrite in Chief: Cory Booker

In the Wall of Shame premiere edition,  the number 1 nominee is Senator Cory Booker.  Cory Booker is a Senator from New Jersey, where the powers to be have deemed that he is worthy of a presidential primary run.  But, let’s see all the counts of Hypocrisy.  


Hillary’s Suggestions of Violence

I agree, Hillary.  That’s why you should not be anywhere near the Oval Office either.

Calls for Obama's Assassination
Clinton vows to Obliterate Iran
Clinton Laughs about Provoking war with Iran
Laughs at Ghaddafi's Assasination


ATH Podcast 10-6-15: Where issa da Bernie, Hillary email, Andy Kindler

We keep it rolling here with the Pope singing, Hillary’s moronic email scandal, and a song for Andy Kindler as played on the Majority Report.

note- I got the new Republican big cheese’s name wrong around 9 minutes in. I called him Taylor, his name is Kevin McCarthy, and my goodness this man is an idiot. Seriously, the male Sara Palin.

Horse Carriage Ban and Jimmy Challenges David Cross

In this winter episode, we freeze our jibbles off as we expose the hypocrisy and lies behind the moronic proposed NYC Horse Carriage Ban and after David Cross puts down my song I Challenges David Cross to a song-writing battle.

NYC Horse Carriage Ban and Jimmy Challenges David Cross

Shout outs this week go to:
-the Majority Report with a call to vote for them as the NUMBER 1 political podcast.
-the Stoned Socialist Podcast
O’Chang Comics for the Maine Style Funnies!
David Cross

Hillary Clinton is “Above All That”

Above All That

She thought she would be president, instead of just the wife,
Of the horny president who acted like a jerk,
But In both public and private sectors in real life,
You are required to use the email address that they give you for work,

But Hillary, showed everyone she was above all that,
She’s a fancy pantsuit lady, she’s a big old fat cat,
Her privacy is more important than just the average schmuck,
She’ll do what she pleases and she don’t give a fu…!

Please understand, I stand behind the woman’s liberation,
I’d be happy to see a different woman run this nation,
And I find it a comical to excuse her and blame it on her staff,
as if it wasn’t her decision, man, thats quite a laugh,

Yes Hillary, showed everyone she was above all that,
She’s a fancy pantsuit lady, she’s a big old fat cat,
Her privacy is more important than just the average schmuck,
She’ll do what she pleases and she don’t give a fu…!

no sweet sweet Hillary.

Hillary (“Royals” cover)

I purposefully decided not to mention the email address thing, Next week I will have a song, specifically about the email address thing and I am leaning towards believing this is most certainly the end of Hillary’s candidacy and why that is a GOOD THING FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY……HOWARD DEAN STYLE AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary (Royals cover)

Living in the white house is her wish,
She cut her teeth on getting beaten, by Obama,
chicken hawk in a fancy dress,
Put putin down, with a Hitler reference.

they still talk about
dirty old man, a cigar and an intern,
don’t care if fracking makes water burn
Fibs of fire Bosnia, its a cable news wet dream.

this is all about,
Hillary Clinton pissing off the chauvinists,
They all pretend she’s a radical socialist,
We don’t care, about her husbands love affairs.

Will they ever beat Hillary?
They say it can’t be done.
Bernie Sanders would be best,
But he fails that corporate test,

Let them buy our ruler,
choice of the fracking company,
let Hillary Rule,
cuz its american apathy

Ooh ooh oh

there’s no choice, or so it seems,
She’s already been crowned queen.
Ooh ooh oh,
Can you blame the apathy,
Towards our democracy.

Will they ever beat Hillary?
They say it can’t be done.
Bernie Sanders would be best,
But he fails that corporate test,

Let them buy our ruler,
We can call her queen Hillary,
let Hillary Rule,
cuz she’s american royalty.

Reefercake Engages Bill Scher in Twitter Discussion

I am making an effort to acknowledge my own arrogance and tone it down….but its one thing to be arrogant and correct, as I am in favor of legalization, but its quite another to be arrogant and wrong. Introducing Bill Scher.

My final thoughts can only be described as a sagelike jedi mindtrick


There were a few other tweets scattered about, but notice the fact that I refrained from calling Bill a hypocrite. That’s what this web site is for.

Bill Scher, are you a hypocrite? You think its not a pressing problem that our prisons are overflowing? At the same time you argue for increased surveillance. Try connecting the dots ever? Did you support this during Bush too? Actually, maybe he isn’t a hypocrite. Maybe he did support spying under Bush. But the biggest problem with Bill Scher is that he is uncaring. He doesn’t have the ability to put himself in someone else’s shoes. He doesn’t care about the fact that people have rotted in jail for no reason. In fact, lets face it, deep down, maybe Bill Scher thinks people who smoke pot are scumbags.

Bill if you have the time, please read the following anonymous note-this was posted on Diane Russell’s facebook wall, I just had to grab it. I think it says a lot.

Thank God for you Diane,I pray you are successful in your efforts to legalize marijuana. The citizens of Maine are very fortunate to have an open minded and progressive thinking leader like yourself representing their interests and future. I’m a citizen of South Carolina,probably the least progressive state in the union,here we will probably still be in prohibition long after every other state in the union has legalized,it is a sad situation,I personally only smoke a very small amount each day,approximately what you could pack inside a thimble,I don’t do it to break the law,or to get high,or party down. I smoke that small amount each day because I suffer from severe depression,according to my doctor,mine is one of the worst cases she’s ever encountered.depression runs in my family,my uncle Steve (father’s brother) committed suicide from it in 2005. My doctor also told me that people with depression as severe as mine often commit suicide by age 26. I am 45 now,and I attribute my survival to that tiny amount of marijuana I smoke each day. But my survival comes with a pretty heavy price down here in S.C. Here there is no tolerance for those who need or use marijuana,there is no legal medicinal,there is no de criminalization,and it certainly won’t be legal for recreational use anytime soon. Penalties,and fines are very high if one is caught,but worse than that,I can’t even apply for any descent job that anyone would hope to have,due to the unfair methods of current drug testing,which mainly only pick up marijuana users,since harder drugs (which I don’t do or approve of.) such as cocaine or Meth or crack,will pass out of your system in a couple of days,while marijuana is still detectable several weeks to a month or more,depending on the individuals body fat percentage after the effects of smoking it have long since worn off and pose no problem towards the person being able to do their job safely. So I and others like me have to take bottom of the barrel jobs,the ones no one else would do,and I’ve done so for years. The stereotype that pot smokers are lazy,is bull. And if you knew me personally you’d know that I’m telling the truth. I was raised on a farm,raised working hard,and I’ve done so all my life.there is nothing lazy,about me. But it is heart breaking to have to hide the fact that I smoke (marijuana) like it’s a dirty secret,and it is heart breaking to be treated like the lowest form of criminal for no other reason than that. I actually had a police officer who found a small amount of marijuana on a friend of mine once call us scum. The prejudices against those who use or need marijuana are awful,undeserved,and based mostly on our own governments propaganda and misinformation. I am a veteran,and a man who raised his son,alone as a single parent for years after my sons mother left us. I did it by working my butt off on some of the worst jobs S.C. has to offer,because my thimble full of marijuana use daily,which by the way,I only do in the evening,after my work day is done,supper is cooked,and any chores around the house have been attended to,makes me a criminal of the worst kind according to the laws of my home state. Again,it is heart breaking,I have always tried my best to be a good person,and a good citizen,but to SC Politicians and law enforcement,as far as they are concerned, if caught,I’m scum,and if not,then despite the fact that I’m actually quite intelligent and capable of so much more,I’ll always be doing the dirtiest,hardest,and most undesirable jobs that no one else would want,because a nicer job would require a drug test which would disqualify me from employment if it picks up a trace amount of marijuana in my system.
Please keep fighting Diane,and God Bless you for doing so. It won’t help my situation down here,but it will help others like me in your own state. We don’t deserve to be treated this way.

Jimmy Reefercake & Screaming Majority’s Songs and the Scoop on Cenk’s Departure from MSNBC

I would have liked to hear Sammy elaborate more on the lyrics of police state…but he had a big day, here is his interview with Cenk from the Young Turks.

We got to thank Cenk for bringing us the proof on the story that most of the readers here already know – MSNBC is a whorehouse for the democrat establishment.

We are all Ron Burgundy now

The Choakely loss is the best thing that could have happened to this horrific healthcare reform effort.  I say that for no other reason than that it will push us across the finish line.  We’ve been subjected to this shit for the last 9 months, drowning out all the other (major, growing, worsening) problems like unemployment, foreclosures, wars, you name it.  It’s time to put it to bed and move on.  Sad as it is, I find the new political calculus to be extremely clarifying.  Here are the facts as I see them:

  1. The Senate bill is nothing short of a major disappointment for all right-thinking progressives everywhere.
  2. Given GOP obstructionism, there is absolutely no way in hell another comprehensive bill gets to the Senate floor for a vote.  That ship has now sailed.  Permanently and forever.
  3. Congressmen are worthless assholes.

Granted, all three of these points are major negatives.  However, thanks to number 2, the issue is now binary: is the Senate bill better or worse than the status quo? We no longer have the luxury of debating the relative merits of various proposals.  There is only one choice left.  Does the House pass the Senate bill or not?

Consider that the Democrats will never again have the kind of majorities they have right now.  No matter what happens, it’s as good as gone in ten short months.  They took half-assed measures to combat a horrible economic climate, and for that they will be rightfully punished.  More accurately, we’ll all be punished, with Republicans.  But before that happens, they have to leave the people with something meaningful.  Otherwise they serve no purpose – why even have two political parties?  Can they really be that pathetic as to pass nothing at all?

Alarmed by the nonstop posts from Josh Marshall about House Democrats in disarray, I called my Rep yesterday to find out where he stood.  The intern had the gall to tell me that Sarbanes is a strong supporter of the public option and is waiting to see what happens to the bill after it comes out of conference.  Look, pal, I hate to spoil this for you, but I hope the conference bill is made out of two-ply so the Republicans won’t chafe their asses when they use it to wipe.  Even though they already passed one bill, the Senate still requires another cloture vote for the merged bill, and the Republicans have made it eminently clear that it’s not going to happen.  Therefore, who gives a shit what happens to it in conference?  I shudder to think how much worse the bill would have to become in order to get a Republican vote.  I’m guessing drastically reduced subsidies for the poor, because what else is there left to take?

So back to the question at hand: does the Senate bill improve the current state of healthcare for Americans or make it worse? And there’s really no question that for tens of millions of unlucky bastards, it’s an improvement.  So if you’re a Democrat in the House, you have to take the teabags out of your eyes and pass this fucking bill.  Right now they’re acting like Ron Burgundy when first presented with a plate of cat poop: denial.  I’m here to say, you put that cat poo in your mouth!  The insurance company hacks managed to drag this thing out long enough and by god, they did it.  They killed the public option!  It’s fucking dead.  Recriminations all around.  But guess what.  The so-called “public option” that was on the table was never anything more than a progressive fig leaf, something to distract from the absence of true single payer.  The proposals on the table were all weak as hell and were always going to require additional legislation to improve and expand.  So it is with this bill.  And the Senate bill puts us in a better future position than no bill at all.

One thing I’ll say about the rude awakening that Democrats received this week, it shook everyone out of their comfort zone.  Nothing wrong with the noises I’m hearing about fixing this or that poison pill in reconciliation.  The House seems so righteously pissed about having to eat the poop that I think odds are better that they’ll actually make it right.  Probably wishful thinking, but put it this way… if the Senate bill does in fact have as many shitty parts as everyone lets on, then there’ll be that much more motivation to fix it.  Hell, things got so hot for Nelson over his “Cornhusker Kickback” that he’s been preemptively begging them to take it out.  How often does that happen?

Here’s another reason I like the new situation, as opposed to what we were facing a mere week ago.  With 60 votes off the table, Nelson and Lieberman and the rest of the jackass caucus become instantly irrelevant.  I can’t be the only one who fully expected Lieberman to screw us over and turn Republican at the final cloture vote, WWF-style, with a folding chair to Harry Reid’s head as he crossed the aisle.  The supermajority actually empowers too many assholes, and in fact emboldens the GOP to be completely obstructionist.  Because after all, “Dems have 60 votes, it’s not our fault they’re incompetent!” is pathetic, but had a point.  Now I think (hope) we’ll see more legislation that forces them to make tough votes.  For instance, I dare them to filibuster bank reform.

OK, now I’m rambling.  All I’m saying is, despite all the angst coming from the netroots this week, I actually expect the Democrats to absorb these blows and come out swinging after Wednesday’s State of the Union address.  If they do, it will take everyone by surprise, and they’ll get that much more credit for doing something that should have been a goddamn given all along.  And if they don’t, well… I’m Ron Burgundy.  Go fuck yourself, America.

UPDATESteve Benen has the manifesto.

* * * * *

Apropos of nothing, I’m sitting here watching Festival Express on netflix as I type.  Highly recommended… I was going to link Don’t Ease Me In until I realized Pinky posted the very same clip a year ago.  So Buddy Guy gets the nod instead.  Band is hot, so crank the volume up as loud as it goes for this one…